de medan ikan bakar

Far away from cities near the seas and oceans lie vast tracts of virgin jungles ( state land ) which were then systematically raped with foreign Xpertise to build massive structures and the accompanying playgrounds , for the enjoyment of the few elites and the well-connected. And so that was how Teluk Rubiah Beach & Golf Resort in Perak was born . Then came the RM 6 billion ( dun pray pray ) Monster ( Lekir coal-powered power plant ) next door which at one stroke of the pen created many multi millionaires & also paved the way for the future annihilation of the nearby beautiful beaches.

never mind , we shall now talk about food

Very rustic very famous Medan Ikan Bakar Kg Permatang, just 4 km from that disastrous Golf Course. Cheap and not so good especially that 3-Rasa ( 3 tastes )kembung fish which was 1 rasa too many we think !
But wow ! What a gorgeous view of the real kampung , nearby sea & the perfect bluish hills yonder( still not yet done-in )


Timothy said…
Gosh dude, you really put in efforts to process those photos huh! Good job man, keep it up !
HairyBerry said…
dont we all love the ever-so-cute child of mixed asian/caucasian parentage? and our billboards are always filled with models of them? we adore them, like how we adore the resort...

but not all combinations work, like the 3 rasa...i prefer pure teochew style steam...
ling239 said…
so the fish is no good.... >.<"
tks , it will be great if you too can pass by this Coastal way for some exciting nature's offerings cum photo extravaganza including of course the Non-Penang food secrets such as we have discovered !

multiple colors and tastes must be handled with soft tender loving all-in-one care , otherwise...

we were watching "Failure to Launch" courtesy of the shop's HBO show then which was excitingly accurate to describe the 3 tastes fish !