jaguh kampung

Authenticity & ambience is the marketing catch phrase of many a Wannabe Cafe now sprouting up all over in new shoplots & chic Shopping Malls. For deep down , these F/B pros acknowledge the unseen pull of the sentimental eaters and gluttons . For who doesn't love the food that one grew up with , or those that were enjoyed with fellow innocent (ignorant) kiddie friends , say in or around those tempestuous adolescent years in the kampungs by the river banks or new villages 8 km from town ?

...and so when we hear of rave reviews ( yet again ! ) of kampung simple fare making it bloatingly big in mega cities in stone walls replete with artificial air and sanitised table & chairs we always wonder...& wonder ...like the Hj Samuri Kajang Satay with an amazing 18 outlets to date . How can !

To reaffirm our unchanged tastes , we stopped again at this really high smoky roadside wonder just after the bridge over the Perak River , in Bota. Almost looked like an old wooden rickety house on fire with curious busybody onlookers. Except in this case they were patiently Q-ing.

this is our idea of authentic satay with the ambience ! At an impeccable RM o.25 per stick for golden tender correctly charred 3 pieces chickens on a stick , why you can have 25 sticks each & more ! They also have other meats and some rice dishes too
verdict ? ... needless to say we were happy with the fresh chunky meats , great peanutty sauce and the extra smokey aroma + real authentic smoke ( plus plus the traditional mosquitos ) .
Who says Kajang Satay is best ?


Michelle said…
never been to kajang to satay up yet.
it's beeennnn a long timeee since i last eat satay.. the next time ur treat k? lol

do you know one batang of satay is equivalent to 4 sticks of ciggs? lol
Sharon Y. said…
0.25 cent! What a deal! And nothing like eating bbq-ed meat chunks dipped in spicy peanut sauce, while smothered in smoke!
Ciki said…
wa... at 25cents.. tapau a hundred la :P
k.t.x said…
dude, wtf man. high 5. if there is one flogger for me to choose dining out with...ahem....it'd b u la. hey, do they serve beer with these shit?
Anonymous said…
TWENTY-FIVE CENTS??? Are you kidding me? That is like, last century's price! Buy, buy, buy! Eat, eat, eat! Lol.
JOjo said…
Cheap Cheap Cheap!!!
Now even Kluang, a small town is selling its satay at RM0.40 already~
Yinsi Yat said…
Blader! when free to ajak me jek?
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
25 cents satay still exist????

makes me wanna grab some satay for dinner liao....
1 is to 4 ? by da michellestory ! Great news for die-hard 1-2 quit ciggs but kanot now can eat satay !
Who needs the multi-million RM tak-nak campaign...You want well-done , medium or rare ? da treat

you shud smell of heat & puff once its done , thats the real one @25 sen ( regular ), all sa tay ( 3 pieces ) each

cumi ciki
100 got enough ah ?

true blue machoman we like ! Beers akummin' kwik ( but BYO only allowded , plus own mug , sarong ladies on call ) !
We await impatiently for your return , always can top up with 4 more pubs in nearby Lunut !

watch your fig man...its true click first pix to see price clearly !

be careful tho as size matters vis a vis price ( but here its the correct correct correct price alright !), as well as power to weight to taste ratios

you must be hungry after the small crocodile got away !

tks for kind words, and yes we are arranging it

got got and good
J2Kfm said…
eh Bota? gimme specific directions can? I pass by Bota lots of times while using the Lumut Highway. opens at nightonly ah? 25 cents!!!! =P
HairyBerry said…
they say first cut is the deepest...i guess for us foodies, first taste is the tastiest, eh?
ling239 said…
RM o.25 !!
and u get meat and not skin and fats on the stick... so jealous
after bridge next 300m to you left , beside road at night only
watch out for smoke !

strangely some only get it half right after many tries ( LOL !)

ya loh so lucky...