fine Hotel Food

Little tourist town Lumut continues to amaze us . Last year alone at least 3 new budget hotels began operations. One of them by the roadside just before you enter the town boasts of a cafe & restaurant with a special steamboat menu incorporating herbal , tomyam and porridge soup bases , with the usual popular wet style + a first for the locality... a Korean BBQ option , which then promises a super feast for Big Eaters.

But no feast was awaiting as there were only 3 of us ( small eaters ). hahaha

the lovely shining Orchard Inn at night

the Malaysian Western alamanda , such a nice classy feminine name too for the Cafe

even the expensive grainy looking heavy ( duty ) menu caught us pleasantly off guard !

this firm grilled lamb chops for him ( RM17.80 )

tender chicken chops for him ( RM8.80 )

and as usual ....thats super sizzling hot colorful me(e) , RM5.80

why , now you can securely walk into a Hotel here and eat finely good on a tight budget
times have really changed


Yinsi Yat said…
Woah! Lumut again? You sure everyday go jalan-jalan wan.

P/S: I have moved to
Anonymous said…
Sizzlin' hot colourful you is right, hehe. I figure if ever I'm stuck in a small town somewhere in Malaysia, just need to buzz ya for a recommendation mana pergi makan, eh? :D
JOjo said…
1 colourful mee for me pls!!!
HairyBerry said…
oh, yes, i agree that these days we can walk into some restaurants and feel that we are paying the same price as the tai chow (and vice versa)...times have definitely changed!
ling239 said…
is the sizzling mee good ?
lots of ingredients...
do they use maggi mee ? :p
aiyo now only u tell me moved oredi

yes drop us a mail wherever u are, we are particularly familiar with the backstreets of KL ( below Cheras ), all of PJ , SJ, Lumut , Pangkor , langkawi and camerons ! happy eating

only when you finis yr 2 more papers ok

some of them actually are quite good too !

the sizzling mee is a tiny portion but tastes fairly good . No they use ordinary stiff mee
Simon Seow said…
Lumut I heard a lot but really don't have any idea how to go there.