god's gift to Asia

Actually you see them everywhere beside roads and jungles. Easy to grow and hardy. And tough . Green and sometimes the hanging down yellows ( many of them ...long and curving and about the right shape and sizes ). Boring , sort of . Pretty ?
Say , did anybody ever give them a 2nd look ? Well , to be honest hard-ly.

We are talking about this one.

YES !! the mean & magnificent Banana. Leaf. Rice
let it be told
so good you should never eat it on its own
you must eat it like this

go look for them in Jln Telawi ( Bangsar KL ) , Section 17 or Jalan Gasing , ( PJ )
or anywhere else in Asia with the banana leaf picture


sc said…
i lurve bananas and i go bananas over banana leave rice! yummy sedap giler..
Anonymous said…
Strange but this is the first time I've seen a banana AND banana leaf together... :P
Michelle said…
hhaha really a weird sight of that banana nex to the rice..

yup the telawi ones are great. lurveee it.. yum.
ling239 said…
for a moment i tot u had rice with banana on banana leaf.... @)@
Wennn said…
Oh my word... Banana leaf rice again... my fav... now i can't hv any becoz I am sick... All my saliva dripping onto my keyboard oredi just thinking about it...
Ciki said…
eh.. how come my banana leaf , got no banana? hahahahaha ... urs speh-cial.. one ler... :P
hi! i have found someone as crazy for assam laksa as me--you! u have 13 posts on assam laksa! so where's the best bowl in Penang? tt corner shop in town?
wow , thats pretty heavy stuff u know, not to mention very long too !

we got loads more fascinating Malaysia , truly backstreets

one of the things we wanted to tell people why eating so long oredi call yrself afficianado but still no banana ah ?

just tempt us to do that in front of the big crowd next time preferably with you by the side...delicious stunning "winks" guaranteed

hey watch yr diet ah no BLR. when coming ah she ?

cumi ciki
our good friend in Telawi has challenged us to do that , 1 bunch of bananas on a leaf BSG rice , during happy hour lunch time !

nice to see you here , YES we are the Assam Laksa Kings ( yet uncrowned ) , one fine day we shall invite you for our next Assam Laksa happy hour in TTD( no. 14th )!
tigerfish said…
Maybe can wrap the banana+rice in the banana leaf and make dessert? LOL!
I recall the Thai have this banana pudding/jelly wrapped in leaf :P
JOjo said…
Muahaha! My fren & i were just talking abt how precious banana is and no one appreciate it~
even the skin can be used for mosquito bite. I wonder how many of u know abt it?
HairyBerry said…
the leaf for wrapping, the fruit for dessert, the flower for curry...multifunctional, a green cow...wonderful!
yes its strange that ppl have been eating banana leaf rice without the banana

with a pinch
TQ 4 yr comments !

you mean the mosquito cure is real ah ? will try when we next go camping, bring many yellow skinny bananas stby

some ppl use the long banana for other things