fantastic pedigree , fabulous reputation

fancy marketing, fine decor , fairest hainanese chickens
bla bla blahhh

full of promise

featherless n forgettable

this Nam Heong of SS2 PJ


ling239 said…
the one in Petaling Street, or was next to Petaling Street... the ori one used to be the best, but apparently standard drop d oh... >.<"
Hazza said…
So, you were not impressed with the taste? How does it compare to that Ipoh Chicken place at Jalan Gasing?
Ciki said…
i take it , nam heong didn't go down well with team bsg... ? ... and i totally agree. chicken is soft and mushy
Unknown said…
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Michelle said…
u guys haa.... super funny metaphors... lol tat's y always enjoyable reading ur post.. hahahahha

so are u featherless?? all i know is that u guys are definitely NOT forgettable... rotfl

blek!..nvr tried it..nvr will try it liao..
JOjo said…
Presentation also not nice one...
tigerfish said…
Despite all the promises they made...oh, I'll just forget it! But how come not nice ah ? Chicken not tender and juicy ah? :P
the rice is fair but cold chickens feels exhausted and service too old

the Ipoh chickens in Jln Gasing was very good years ago until they start to use many Indons and Burmese. Last we know they have revamped their menu which now includes all kinds of non-chicken popular malaysian favourites eg assam fish , tofu , all kinds of balls , plus lots more. Their bean sprouts are still big , and they are better than Nam Heong in this regard

cumi ciki
they seem very tired

tks we will get back to you soon

we are always happy to hear from cheerful you and firmly believe that eating shud be full of fun & we share what is reflected in our actual thoughts at the time and our unexpert xperiences shud not be taken seriously ( think of ppl starving elsewhere...)

always try those road stalls with many people rushing they are more fresh and then cheap , no irritating tax here and there + no rude ppl waiting for your tips

maybe its too old

chickens cold and hard. good chickens shud be springy and smooth with a shine that will salivate all. then shud be a little more warm right ?
Simon Seow said…
Sigh, after the commercialization, it's just a normal chicken rice. You should try the Hainamese Chicken Rice in Lavenders Bistro in JB.