food & girls

the chef giving the right flavoring tips

such tender loving hugs

n kisses

together again in Taman Tun , KL


JOjo said…
IS that asam Laksa she's holding in her Hand?? WooHoo~ I love Asam Laksa!!!
k.t.x said…
tmn such outlet? dint realize that, shike, i must hv been a paddy field frog under the kokonut shell...where?

by the way, u only featured A girl, why did u use plural? i want MORE!
Michelle said…
so cute... high tables n bar stools with nice porcelain "chicken" bowls of asam laksa..
din know such outlet in taman tun..
worth a visit since u'r recommending it rite? lol
HairyBerry said…
the scent, the touch, the taste, the tease, the can a man resist...especially when it's there, just waiting for you to devour...orgasmic

oh, i was talking about food...hehehe
lucia said…
pretty boys too!

ayoh! why you put in the words to cover up the team pretty faces?? not fair lah we girls cannot see the boys pictures.
thats right , here our chef tries to perfect his unperfectable assam laksa,
nobody can stop him !

the other girls are hidden , not shown , u know lah

its called Pasta Fredo and near the Mayban Rahim Kajai area. there is a German and an irsh pub/restaurant here too

for a moment , we wanted to recruit u too to be a bsg...
yeah much more than food

the boys are ready !