sunset boulevard

the hottest chickens (rice) by night
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presenting Nasi Ayam Mama , a selection of fine hawker specialities such as mee soto ayam , char keow teow , assam laksa ++ & the indomitable mother's chicken rice , from RM 3 upwards.
Try to make it before the Sun sets...

65, Persiaran Manjung 3/2
Taman Manjung Point Seksyen 3
Manjung, Perak
Tel 019-577 7491


HairyBerry said…
a dinner by the sea overlooking the sunset...perfect...

well, sometimes, unclear afterdark shapes and sizes do make a very sensuous a plate of mee goreng at the mamak at some lorong, with a cup of teh tarik...
Ciki said…
hottest chickens.. didja mean hot spicy.. or hot something else... lol
tigerfish said…
you forgot the chicken-imprinted bowl...LOL!
Hazza said…
Hot chilli sauce? Or spicy chicken? Looks like Chinese Hainan style to me, or is it Malay style? I usually prefer the former purely for the rice.
ling239 said…
prices are reasonable...
good view is priceless ~ ^_^
Michelle said…
nice food.. nice view..
most importantly nice company rite?
lucia said…
oh with the name 'nasi ayam mama' one would have thought they just selling chicken rice but there are other hawkers specialities too like char koay teow and asam laksa, so shouldn't use that name lah.

maybe 'masakan mama'? 'mama sedap'? oops. i mean 'mama masak sedap' or something like that1 :)
we love the dark as you say , mysterious ...sensuous

this shop is partially chinese with big bold chinese characters somewhere

great cheap place , malay shop with chinses type of service

we got it babe !

haha , we happen to know the 1/2 chinese malay friendly lady boss with her pretty daughter