We found it !

Curry mee is one of the most popular noodle dishes of all time in Malaysia. Probably the most colorful too. And if anyone dares to remotely suggest a best curry mee he better be really prepared for the proverbial bazooka counter-attackes ( especially from those aggressively unforgiving Hokkians from Penang ) .

But hey we got only 2 days to Combat 8Mar08 so we fearlessly stick our necks firmly out...again

for this is the best curry mee
Classic orangee santany deep color, curving bean sprouts , fried tofu fritters ,
those 3/4 raw cockles , boneless white chicken strands , succulent almost shelless prawns ,
long yellow noodles and... a delightful whiff of mint leaves ...
...lovingly banjired in slurpilicious gravy
la manila , Mid Valley Megamall , KL
GSC floor


Anonymous said…
Sure or not THE BEST? Ah well, the only way to find out is to try, rite? More reason to makan makan makan... :P
Wennn said…
Hmmm I wud love to have some of them too now!! Too far go bek and try next time!!
wmw said…
Yeah, I've tried it, quite good stuff :o)
HairyBerry said…
haha, so funny the part about our dearie penangites...well, you said it, i'll definitely try it...heard from friends that it's good as well...
Precious Pea said…
I love the curry mee at la manila too. BUt for cheaper version, there is one at SS2 Wai Sik Kai which is equally good. Next time i go, i will note the stall no.
Anonymous said…
I hafta agree with you on this one. It's pretty good.
ok need to try this one then..easy..
we are sure as heaven , or your $$$ back

dun simply try got many cholesterol not good for you next 6mths + 6 mths

great , one solid confirmation

you shud try to enjoy it with LL she's from that place

thank you make it soon ( lucky you din say BKK enytime badder )

TQ then its confirmed from the Star

can always eat first then walk into GSC with her but don't Jump ok
( the show is great )
tigerfish said…
Look almost like laksa!?
Hazza said…
You can get good food from a mall? I thought the best hawker food comes from actual hawkers. Sure looks good though!
here in KL , laksa can be synonymous with curry mee

or so we thought ! but this fella with multiple outlets is quite a hit, including its CKT & even assam laksa . on this point of late KL's older famous shops/dishes are now suffering from an overdose of alien attack as in imported labour eg Indons frying your CKT and Burmese making your wanton mee