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For the adventurous and non-fussy eaters (that must be team BSG ) , Cowboy Town Rawang some 35 minutes countryside drive from Kuala Lumpur offers some exciting fillers, of the ancient Chinaman shoplot kind.

There is a great variety of produce , from the forests , seas, lakes and farms. We sometimes catch some wannaBs ( no ! not team BSG ) foul mouth Golfers from the 4 nearby elite Golf Clubs fresh from their holed illicit 'winnings' indulging in some legitimate mega pot drunken prawns and obscene frogs, over extralong tiresome tales of the loose holes that got away.

Though of course there are other smaller quick draws for the casual passers by.
This giant bowl of Xtra large noodles in dark eggy sauce , an imitation of the one made famous from nearby Ulu Yam , the lor mee .

Came out piping hot and bursting at the seams. Tastes really vinegar biting strong and tasty just like the real thing from Ulu Yam . minus the prawns.
Definitely worth a try at RM 5 a Kg bowl.

Keng Kee
( a few doors from KFC )
that last row of shops beside the main Rawang -KL road
as you leave the town towards Templer Park , KL


Ciki said…
i rmbr this plc!! its only a few rows of shops rite?! i rmbr v vinegary noodles too.. too sour for me :)
Hazza said…
Looks like a western favourite, hot and sour soup. Not had this before but looks nice and cheap.
wmw said…
Need to make a return visit to Rawang one of these days...I stayed in this area for about a year! Good old days...
HairyBerry said…
i love ulu yam lor mee (and good wannaBs too)! prawns or not, for me, the important ingredients are pork, fried lard and of course, lotsa black vinegar (zhejiang type preferred), that's appetising!
ling239 said…
hmm... i tot they also have a branch at Setapak...
k.t.x said…
been to this one twice...emmm, a 'no bad' place. so, u actually check out cowboy towns apart from highlands and beachfronts 4 piewmeis in ancient chinaman shoplots too huh?

ter-ri-ble la u. lol.
lucia said…
i love to eat lor me but mostly only eat the hokkien mee, lor mee version. i guess i would have love the ulu yam xtra large noodle lor mee.

is this xtra large noodle like the 'tai lok mee'? i like to eat tai lok mee because of the black sauce (something like wan tan mee but better).
Anonymous said…
been there, tried it and lurve it!
Anonymous said…
Long time never go this place lah... you've just added another attraction to it, hehe.
cumi & ciki
right , just a row facing the main road . its true one of us just hates the sour smell urggggggggh !

the big noodles are quite addicitive , what with the sour porky smell and the large grip inbetween

yeah those were the good olde days of kalaokes in Country Homes and the Kundang catfish

zhejiang one we are not sure but its black, sticky and smelly allright !

not only that its burning hot

probably though theres one more player near section 17 PJ ( opposite Kanna banana leaf ) but dun taste quite like it

helo warm blooded bruder ! hows the travels for the karen hill tribe virginal purest peasants
hahaha ( here difficult to find them like that oredi )

they probably use the same tai lok meen but this one has more firm floury feel , and the starchy broth is very tasty with the pure pork slices

great to know that and good to see you here ! many people love this black dish .we think this dark version is superior to many other commoner fair versions

shud do that when you descent from Gentings ( with tidy winnings ) to the Batang Kali side