star hill class ?

This interesting place in KL's premier shopping ( and foot reflexology ) belt is always busy with cars & tourists and epitomises KL'e energetiv pulse and so to cool things down just a little sip.
Try not to ask for the price here

pure pineapple juice/foam /pulp in a cup with the complete street ambience , RM 15
yes we are almost there...


Anonymous said…
Ouch RM15? But it looks very concentrated
Unknown said…
RM15??? wah! prices of pineapple now gone up as much as gold?
teckiee said…
harrr RM15! ...but then... starbucks also lah.. ok la.. at least something healthy
Michelle said…
fifteen!!! OUCH!
me not really pineapple-fan~
HairyBerry said…
i like how you contradict the 2 focusing points of the drink...and i like to reflexologise my foot there...backalley ones cheaper...RM15 is quite "there", i must say
Anonymous said…
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UnkaLeong said…
New Camera? RM15 = many many pineapples.
infact it was really 2 concentrated ! but at RM 15 omg without the 5 % highness

got fantastic street smokey ambience u know then health food par extraordinaire cheap cheap maybe we look like a bunch of thai bahts

the Pakistani look-alike waiters thoz we were Arab Sheiks in Chinaman disguise

RM15 you can get Starhill Carlsberg Beer chilled to perfection

Guarantee we will not be back ( da shop lah )coz we can squeeze our own backlane for less than a ringgit

actually it tasted overripe and many skins !