seaside cafe

We just love this place. Everything is so down to sea. And the alfresco snacking is a joy.

the Lumut Seaside Cafe

Each white plateful of the cucumber , tomato and lettuce + carrot strips in Western creamy sauces , potato chips, sardine sandwiches + round breads , overlong noodles and rough meat patties start from RM 5 something .
but the gorgeous view is worth a million dollars , yes ? ...u bet
...& also ! if you dowan to go home and need completely private hidden rooms in nearby ( 45 min ) Nipah Bay Pangkor for say, a group of 8 , preferably a mixed crowd ( with the best fresh thermidor lobsters ) do call
017-594 6006 , after 6 pm ( James Kennedy )
...don't forget to say you earnestly read backStreetGluttons , coz for that he might give you a jolly special discount...try him if you dun believe


Anonymous said…
The sea, the sea! That's really all I need... for a please don't rain! :P

(A discount by mentioning backStreetGluttons wouldn't hurt either, hehe.)
Hazza said…
Wow! You even got a deal with this place to get us discounts! No excuse not to drop in if passing by!
Precious Pea said…
By any chance you gonna organise a foodie trip to Lumut?
Ciki said…
meatballz luk gooooood! ru sure they will gv me discount if we mention BSG.. hehe ;)
Tummythoz said…
Lumut again! Your bling-bling vehicle sure can wear out West M'sia coastal roads.
HairyBerry said…
i think it is quite affordable for a seaside view...imagine how much if will cost if it is in singapore...*scary

never heard of Nipah Bay Pangkor but will google to find out...and not forgetting the discount too..hehe
zorro said…
Dang, everytime I vist this blog, I get hungry....stop this will you...feature some good malts wil ya?
tigerfish said…
Well, I see buns and noodles again but why are the meaty balls not on the noodles :P
Unknown said…
those soft buns! i miss eating those buns!

totally un-BK, un-KFC, un-McD!
mention BSG to get a free upsize?
Jason said…
Cool! If me mention your blog, we'll get discount yes? :p
rain also never mind , all wet already. Discounts shall b given even when dry

come come !

on teckiee's calendar already

cumi ciki
also got joggin trail foc compliments of BSG

coming for our Malcca JB rendevour, we need a sweetiee cum joker cum all

nipah bay is our choice for the best of sea, sand for sand and then nasi ayam cum rokak cum laksa cum bikinis south of Japan and north of Oz

now that you have spoken here goes !next

balls not on noodles means they cant really control those round horny things u know

with a name like yours you will get any type of discounts anywhere in malaysia + god knows what

u bet !