sea of peace

Damai Laut Resort opposite Lumut is another so near yet so far sort of place designed during the heydays of the booming Mahathir era and positions itself mainly as a playground for well-heeled foreign tourists, and boasts of an 18 hole golf course with a hotel managed by the Swiss Garden Group. There is no outstanding beach front to speak of neither anything remotely captivating , except maybe for some forgettable pictures that follow...

but its a superb hideaway when you want to disappear and indulge in some big prawns and other big things...

The neighboring extra wide sandy beaches tho are simply awesome and that turtle sanctuary in nearby Pasir Panjang ( Segari ) is definitely worth a visit so do not miss it...


Wennn said…
Would love to get away to a sandy beach and just lie down there and relax now.. Hmmmmm I miss M'sia lor!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to a lil beachside getaway myself... hmm, any affordable places to stay near them "EXTRA wide sandy beaches"? :D
Anonymous said…
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the food looks quite miserable compared to the famed golf course!
tigerfish said…
Heh heh....udang....
You have french fries and I have potato-swirls...but all kentang! LOL!
Michelle said…
why is my prawn at ur last pix??
we miss the cold and the chips too

kenny mah
we highly recommend nearby Pangkor where you can have all kinds of rooms or chalets for below RM100 with a beach nearly guaranteed to break your big heart and food to break your slim tummy. check out my lumut for some teasers

you do look familiar and thanks for the alternative

you are right !

alamak ! lucky we got the pool

oh dearest its here...and coming