roti canai ( flat bread)

Outside the bigger towns , Malay cuisine is widely found in the backStreets as in mobile mini-vans , temporary makeshift wooden & plastic stalls , planned local municipal gerai-gerai ( food courts ) and the occasional shoplots .

In the mornings 2 items will always stand out and are so-called signature "hidangan ramai" meaning peoples' choice , and so almost every customer will have these for breakfast , with their teh tarik ( Malaysian tea with milk ).

Here in Tanah Rata , Cameron Highlands , just beside the main road inside this row of shops in the town centre is another early Malay Restaurant.

cute and comfortable , family run

the roti canai freshly grilled by the young man , with the dhall curry.
A shade better in all departments compared to that found in the row of Indian Restaurants just opposite !

the unmistakeable voluptuous Malay rice dish
Who says only the Indians make authentic ( lip smacking ) roti canai(s) ?

take the test...yourself


Anonymous said…
Who needs English style breakfast with scones and tea when you have these? :P
Michelle said…
roti kosong is really the best out of all the roti(s), chapatti(s) and tosai(s).. hehe...

me bloggin bout hainanese food soon..
if i can remember.. so stay tune.. ~

Anonymous said…
Nothing like roti kosong if it's cukup garing, right or not? ;)
Anonymous said…
I heard that the Malay style roti canai is a little different in texture compared to the Indian style. If I'm not mistaken, they say it's more "garing". Gotta test a few to determine that fact, though!
Anonymous said…
i need some good ol'garing roti canai
Junkgirl™ said…
Must've felt different having roti canai and teh tarik in a cooler environment.
HairyBerry said…
crispy roti garing drenched in a lovely dhal sauce...what could be lovelier? oh, let's not forget a little sambal on the side...
wmw said…
I love to eat the garing roti canai with the satay peanut sauce~really yummy!
tigerfish said…
Roti canai same as roti prata or not ah? How come so angry - tear the roti canai till liddat! ???
great to have you back after your long break...will be great to do a joint post on the comparable supermild creamy Westerns v a vis Malaysian sultry bombs ! Eg Sg Petani multi layered sizzling kuihs + Tmn Counnaugh Ceras white HK biggies & Imbi bbq flosses

fluffy oily roti canai is far more tastier then loose soury tosai or damp pimpled chappati ! we await your hainanese offerings with bated breath...

right on bro !

we can safely tell you that in Besut( Trengganu ) and Kg Sitiawan ( Sitiawan ), lie some highly ranked stalls with about the best roti canais ( beating Raju, Kanna or Kayu by some centimetres )in the country

welcome back after your big CNY bash !

suppose you can't really get good roti canai your cool place ?

strange how one finds the wrong good food in the most low ley places for the right reasons

still the true connoisseur ( din you always say ...easy easy does it ...)

thoz twas you who din say but we are waiting for your ultimate super closeup with the golden gleam planta and dhal on top ok !

we believe they are the same , except for some small differences in ingredients and curry, how not happily angry when Malay cuisine is catching up and beating Indian cuisine at their own floury turf ? hahaha