risky pursuits

Its something like this , go over ( or issit under ) north and try it , faster...faster

Don't scared... just do it !

Lucky we crossed the border successfully , the big multi-ton concrete absolutely dangerously free-hanging ( how can ah ? ) slabs didn't fall as they looked like they might .

Experience once-a-life-time cheap ( free ) thrill on the Federal KL - Klang Highway just as you pass by the Carrefour Hypermarket Subang to your left !

Welcome to Thailand ( in USJ , Subang ) !

plenty of shade and greens

getting a littlebit exciting , right guys ?

Thai Cuisine's signature killer dish ( & Malay Cusine's adopted sibling ) , the explosive tomyam

simply pure-fry vegetables , Chinese style

what a beautiful delicious pineapple rice dish !

Sawasde Thai Kitchen
Summit USJ , Subang Jaya
tel : 03-8023 8014


Hazza said…
Tom Yam soup is great! Even a sub standard one I had last month in Manchester gave such a hit that it leaves not just a tingle after taste in the mouth, but also in the mind, with the longing for more! However, at £6 per bowl, cant have it too often here!
Anonymous said…
I go under that precarious hanging bridge everyday, and the same thought crosses my mind..."what if??"
Big Boys Oven said…
Oh my is that Tom Cruise.....oh not, Tom Yam! Looks so very very excitingly hot! wow!
wow ! what an hotxiting place !
Ciki said…
helo helo! is that tomyam explosive or... KILLER explosive.. ?! haha.. because i will only cross oceans for a huge hunk of burning lurrrve... lol ;)
lucia said…
whoo! explosive? i would have love it. i love hot and spicy food, that's why i love thai food.
wmw said…
Nice place...you had me there for a while, thought you guys really crossed the border.
6 small sterlings a bowl there would give us like 3 or 4 big loud explosions here ! We rekon Malaysian Nyonya dishes were strongly influenced by our northern thai culinary masters , No ?

remember that one in the NKVE near Bkt Raja ? But then its so thrilling to go under ( mean the bridge !)

that dish is the ultimate purvevor of hottest passion


cumi ciki
the most classical non-alcoholic soup of all time is our vote ! so its safe to cross now

thai food is our no 2 choice worldwide after Chinese

we did we did !
HairyBerry said…
what a sight! (the bridge, i mean)....makes us treasure what lies ahead of us, eh? and thank goodness for the lovely meal :)
tigerfish said…
Is dessert just water? :O
I want to have that tom yum with the rice and veggie but I don't want to drink water from a bowl!!!