Noodles & Buns

1/2 a century long going stronger

Ayer Tawar, Perak ( 12 km from Sitiawan 60 km from Ipoh ) is a stunning part of Malaysia's changing political landscape and has probably the first state ever to have a local Chinese boy becoming deputy Mentri Besar ( Chief Minister ) . Some Bankers here swear that this place has also the highest per capita personal savings in the whole how come ?

Probably these might explain a little bit , who knows ?

their most famous noodle wonder , "kampuang" ( dry noodles in dark sauce with reddish meat slices, really flat & lean )

then to go with this slippery flattest "pian neet" ( minced meat in thinnest dough )

the "loo mein" , noodles in starchy soup...&
that reluctant but electrifying all-red superstar "aeng chui mein siang" ( noodles with chicken meats in rice wine )

all noodles priced at RM 2.20 each ( flamboyant thing is RM3.50 )

"kong pian" ( predecessor of the modern day donuts ) RM 0.60 each

with this kind of pricing and that kind of noodles maybe it is not surprising then
next time make doubly sure you drop by here on your way to Sitiawan/Pangkor to see what the fuss is all about


Wennn said…
Hmmmm I wud love some of the pian neet!!!
JOjo said…
I missed Kong Piah the last trip i went to setiawan~
Anonymous said…
See here or here
Anonymous said…
Wah, the pian neet really looks scrumptious, slippery and plain 'neat'!

Geddit? Neet/neat? LOL. Such a bad pun, I know...)
wmw said…
hahaha...that's the "famous" kong piah. I still remember!
sigh when will i get my arse up there..when i can afford a nite at pangkor laut..haha
HairyBerry said…
i've never had a kong piah nor the (red) noodles in rice wine...such interesting eats! of authenticity and exquisite taste...if they are not bring it over here, i'm going there!
Anonymous said…
Good place to get good food minus the hefty price tag.
lucia said…
i heard of sitiawan being sort of a food paradise too (but of course can't win penang).

waaah! their noodles onl RM2.20? very cheap lah. one day must go there and try... 2 bowls of the noodles. :)
tigerfish said…
Dunno jinx or what. Today I just cooked myself some noodles and had it with buns! I need to post it soon!
sure you can take this or not ?

its still cheap but now got more lard

some say its German but you gotta try this fun neat bun

good the Hartamas feel is still there !

Pangkor Laut stsrts from RM 600 a head up a night ! bettwer you come to Nipah Bay for RM 100 then can eat lobsters bbq yourself

not a bad idea to have a floggers trip here ( as suggested by babe KL sometime back ) says can save lots of $$ to then afford to go Pangkor Laut

like the vegetarian its pretty cheap too

thoz Penang also very cheap ! Now with LGE / Jeffooi there hope can become cheaper !

got sell 4 digit in states onot , this one means good luck ! quickly post while luck still got !
Unknown said…
ah... i have not eaten those 'piah' for the longest time.

dad's friends use to bring back all those yummylicious food when they returned from their hometown.

they always says... which is the best city in Malaysia?
Sitiawan = City A1 (sounds like it right)

i want those olden days donuts! they smell so good and dun have those oily oily smelly oily smell that the donuts have nowadays. it even beats krispy kreme!