a few nights before 8 Mar 08

Bangsar , Telawi ( KL ) used to be every young ( & old ) cool pubbers classiest romping haven once upon a time. Well we still do the occassional chillout here especially now that Malaysia is in the deep throes of the beginning of the inevitable winds of change for the better or for worse...the spiralling RM 15, 000 a month rents on the ground floor not surprisingly leaving a terrible trail of destruction with the classic "for rent" expired signs hanging on for dear life. Except for this Japanese talkative fella still holding on with the cigars.

Welcome to the Talk , Bangsar !

Great place with great company , great service , great Japanese easy favorites and the long cool Dane . With probably the best grilled teriyaki salmon fish heads you can find anywhere...
...in decadent bourgeoise KL's last & dying happy bastion.


Tummythoz said…
So the mood here is that Bangsar's hip joints are facing the sunset scenario?
Anonymous said…
"...in decadent bourgeoise KL's last & dying happy bastion."

A bit the drama, right? Methoughts Bangsar is still alive and well, no? :P
so this the place really called the talk???
fatboybakes said…
nipple joe, where have you been? THE TALK is probably as old as you...
aiseh, teambsg, havent been to the talk for 10 years i think...still good huh?
Unknown said…
have not been to bangsar for the longest longest time!

i only remember the tahi burung on your car when you park in front of the TMC row. TMC still there?
thats right , soon there will be no more crowds becoz no money to spend all lost through elections

nope its getting hit by expatriates ( japs and koreans ) leaving our turf for greener sexier pastures like BKK , Spore and those viet and chinese cities

its still talking , the sabah cutie
though those earlier delectables have come and gone

spot on bruder ! the talk still rocks tho now less talking ! yes dear joe its been very very long

u must have deep memories if you can recall the tahi burungs ! tmc is still going strong as heaven