father's choice

filial entree
beautiful Coral Bay (Pangkor Island )

fishy appetizer , RM 26

slim , long ...priceless

the lonesome cafe
backBeach , Teluk Nipah , Pulau Pangkor


i prefer slim and pricless over the rm26 daddy fishy appetizer indeed..
HairyBerry said…
does filial entree comes with lots of "slim, long...priceless"?? now that's a son's choice...for sure!...hehehe...
Anonymous said…
Well, "slim , long ...priceless" is tempting, but right now? Give me "beautiful Coral Bay" anytime! Hehe.

(Or can pick more than one ar?)
tigerfish said…
you did not specify the dessert as slim, long priceless? yes, that's the dessert right? :P
Anonymous said…
Wah! Great view, great food, great view, and all attention & care goes to the only customer..
Jason said…
Shucks! I miss Pangkor. And the beach. And the salted egg crab. And...
Anonymous said…
the food at daddy's cafe was excellent! just went there a couple of weeks back.. :)
was thinking twice at first..considering the price for that place. but when the food came, t'was worth it.
that slim long one is every warm hearted man's all-in-one...

the wonderful thing about the warm sea is that we feel, just warm and all ready ! this place is as close to a tropical paradise as you can possibly get West of pulau perhentian

for Kenny , of course the choice will be wide and long too we are sure

you are only a little bit right , coz that thing is a delight from all corners , starting, stucking , stretching, letting and all that ! including the finale dessssert ( tho it could be deSert for the unwary)

why you can have FULL service(s) here as you have sharply noted !

imagine if teckiee and the TKC are here OMG !

tks for hopping over and yes , we love the place tho the sudden next door competition is striking hard...
JOjo said…
Wuahhaa, i like the slim, long and priceless~ *lol*

I also want to have holidays~ But exam coming in 2 wks *sobz*
ling239 said…
fishy appetizer....yucks!! XD
Kenny Mah said…
I keep returning to this post and stare at the beach and dream of the day I too can take a break... *sighs*
wah means yours like that one ah OMgoodness ! exams are good to keep yr appetite up hahaha so enjoy

thats why its fishy so can go to main course quick

wow there's a faster way ! 2moro crank yr engines and move up , only 3 hours and its better looking than the pixs ( trust us )