black & white among stars

Bintang Walk , Kuala Lumpur

the old new old pride of the Capital

Still crowded at peak hours

corner lane leading into BB Plaza

casually having a bite

not black or white , just a tinge of fragrant yellow

the black BBQ bits , firm and sweety with flashes of that famously controversial "char siew"

the white one...a pretty commendable effort from the sidewalks
tender & tantalising , silky smooth skin

BB Hailan Chicken Rice
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
03-2141 6216
35 % more pricey than your regular hawker one


Ciki said…
i lk this chckn rice shop too whn am shopping at bbplaza... but i loved the old, rundown chkn rice shop more.. back in the day when it stood in the plc of ths current shop! not so clean but v yum! lol
tigerfish said…
So how much is the regular hawker one? I need to do the Math!
cumi & ciki
haha right we too lov the older things ( more matured ? )

for you our compliments means no charge.Actually normal hawker around RM4 this place around RM 6 then sommore got taxes 5 + 5 but then got star ambience seems owned by a celebrity model cum actress cum singer cum ...