the authentic new old menu , post 08mar08

no matter what people say ...some things never change
after the Big Fight , lets eat !

malay laksa
chinese noodles

indian roti

malaysian cendul

malaysian iced kacang
the way it was ...the way it should always be ...right folks ?


tigerfish said…
Ya ya...everything in the right order ! They co-existed in peace and harmony for a long time already, in food, don't they?
yeap thats abt right..u got all of them dwn already lar..bagus bagus..
Tummythoz said…
Aiya, thot Nasi Lemak will be featured. And what about the 'dan lain-lian' dishes?
lucia said…
dan lain lain dishes are the cendul and ice kacang lah since they are malaysian. ohh... they also include malay, chinese, indian.

actually malay is more known for its nasi lemak, not laksa.

we all don't mind taking malay food, indian food, chinese food and dan lain lain food - in fact very happy and enthusiastic to partake of them, so it should be this way too where human relationship are concerned, right?
HairyBerry said…
the first thing i tell ppl about malaysia is the food..the glorious food...where else in the world can you get so many variety food 24/7? going for nasi lemak later..hehe
wmw said…
A+ for this post! :o)
k.t.x said…
wow, yr choice of food so muhibbah, i like. food really does not's
those are the really Malaysian things , colorful and tasty no need to quarell

cheap and bagus are the right words !

NL is there DLL correct correct collect !

hopefully the new Penang will retain all its old classic foods !
starting with making the drains in Ayer Itam flow smoother

there is one such place tho , its called Amazing Thailand ( not forgetting Spore too )

thks central PJ no 1 !

perfecto ( what happened to your supposed trek to Pangkor ? the women r waiting