Unclutter your breakfast , far away

take it simple for the ultimate casual

We have always enjoyed eating casual , below attap huts and surounded by jungle trees . For instance in this Breakfast Bar in Cenang Beach , Langkawi. What little you need you will get.

No wonder its one of the best hangouts the morning after at this pleasure zone at the isle of legends ( ya soon we shall make one for ourselves ).

Classic. Simple. Undisturbed.

Lots of old wood ( world ) charms .. Rustic ?
Ambience-nic enough ?

Some breakfast thoughts


HairyBerry said…
i can see that you were diligently blogging while having that half-boiled egg...an inspiring moment for you?
Anonymous said…
I have simple breakfasts like this too, but in a concrete jungle under a bridge covered with grime, so the key is to not look up. The nasi lemak is to die for.
actually we were working and eating too and watching sideways ( most of the time )

we always read big & famous people say like to eat simple and that celebrity HK fella who says his ultimate dish is fermented tofu with rice on a small plate, and that super singer who says gimme bread and water ( and a guitar in my hand ) no wonder you will die too for that RM nasi lemak
Anonymous said…
Well, I'm big alright. Due to all that roti canai I eat under the same grimy bridge in the evenings while inhaling petrol fumes with my hair scented with gudang garam. Rats that scurry across my path while I'm drinking my limau ais don't scare me. After all, we're all trying to survive in this big bad world.

But famous? I doubt it, my friend.