traditional Chinese chicken rice

in an authentic Indian Restaurant

In main street Tanah Rata ( flatlands) , Cameron Highlands there are numerous Indian restaurants side by side and probably no Indian Muslim restaurants. Which is remarkable considering that in most other towns the reverse is probably true !

But then again in Camerons many things are refreshingly ( cooly) different. More Europeans per sq metres indulge in banana leaf rice than any other place in Malaysia.
Also Chinese chicken rice...

This is a popular dish in some Indian restaurants in Tanah Rata.
Served by an authentic oldy Chinaman. But of course there will be some differences.
Try it here yourself in Restoran Sri Brinchang ( opposite the town's main car park ) the next time you are here !


Anonymous said…
Me wanna go Camerons but soon! Cool weather and authentic chicken rice? Most excellent attractions, methinks! ;)
Wennn said…
Can tapau some and DHL over for me ah?? My BB wans some la!!
Precious Pea said…
Don't quite get what you mean. You mean to say the chicken rice is from indian restaurant served by a chinese old man??
wmw said…
High Land, Flat Land...when are you coming down to the Low Land???
for a hard thinking sentimantal gourmand like yourself we think you will poetrrrrise that cool place into another multiple haven the minute your aura appears

no solid food for her ok ! we do soft food later

this banana leaf rice shop is Indian owned who employs a Chinaman to serve Chinese chicken rice prepared by the Chinaman too

that will be da Hole ( not land ) my dear...
tigerfish said…
Wooo...surprised can find chicken rice in Indian restaurant leh!
Any tandoori or turmeric taste to the chicken, just in case by mistake?
no mistakes here becoz those europeans din notice at all !