the promised sunset

...missing it

Was supposed to have basked in this magnificent glorious setting sunview Cenang Beach Langkawi but guess its gonna wait for a little while longer !

beautiful Cenang Beach at dusk ( pix courtesy not bSG )
Moving away from the unrecognisable once upon a time Dec 2004 (Aceh tsunami attack ) slow moving Cenang Street now pulsating "Pattaya look -alike by-night
aka cowboy alley "
...yes ...lies a... beach Oasis !

one of the best deep fried golden calamaries in a long while with the RM4 Carlsberg ,
and the multi-million dollar seaview ( thats for you J )

as you play with the sand with your wriggly toes

a great place to wine and dine
...I 'll be back...
Oasis Pub & Restaurant
838 Jalan Pantai Cenang
Langkawi Island


Anonymous said…
Cool nice place to dine and wine. Must visit there one day. Have a nice day.
lucia said…
wow! indeed the first picture of the beach looks awesomely beautiful - perfect postcard material!! love the colours.
Anonymous said…
Wah.... Now that is what I call a sunset. You must have had a whale of time there in Langkawi... I can hear the sun, sand and sea beckoning me now...

*chanting "holiday, holiday, holiday..."*

we wait for you , same place

this place full of mar sallehs and beac boys

its been super so far !
wmw said…
Oasis? Ahh...reminds me of my vacation in Burau Bay Resort. It's been a while, time to take a trip there soon.
Anonymous said…
Oasis, I remember this place. I paid it a visit in the last 2 years during my trip to Langkawi.
this oasis is the real thing , with big ladies , sandy feet and yes also got cheap drinks ( alost free )

your little cottage looks incredibly homely , any more vacancis hahaha
tks for dropping by hope to see you more often !