pixs do lie

so do tastes

Malaysian Cuisine is quite interesting at the eating tables.. We have seen a family recoiling in horror ( at least the mom ) upon seeing that the soup that came with the delectable nasi ayam smelt un-ayam. Why Maam that is one of our soupy delicacies if you purrrlease ! But...

Then during every pre-holiday rush 7-course Corporate Muhhibah Dinners cum dance parties involving staff , the organiser will have her hands full with the big Q ... ' ah got serve ??? or not " , aiyo we got many types of people you know.

Even in modern clean Cafes with the big safe "H" sign with Arabic words , seems like also got problems , like for eg that Chinese family where the Dad wants that fatty 'meat' the place din have while Mom wants steak that Pa couldn't take. Never mind .

Malaysians are clever too when it comes to looks !

the beef cuts , Western style ( such a pretty picture isn't it ?)

classy , real solid steak ( for grilled beef , as for rare , medium or well heated in littlebit oil )
these are super steaks ...actually... no this we din eat

looks like it ! ( from the Supermart Cafe ) RM 18

tastes like it ! ( Golden Arches prosperity foldover ) RM 9.50

but I din say it isn't me ! ( coz I eat lambs only ) RM 26 , check here

this post is dedicated to the Malaysian Judiciary , which looks like not real of late ...


lucia said…
lol. your food description is now getting political.

coming up next - something on bullshitting! :)
Anonymous said…
correct, correct, correct.

Happy CNY guys!! Happy Holidays!
Michelle said…
Happy CNY guys...
any 'babi' or 'tikus' post??

take cares..
blessed for the new year ahead..
prosper prosper!!

michelle =P
Rasa Malaysia said…
Gong Xi Fa Cai. No karaoke with the backstreet gluttons this year...
Precious Pea said…
SO MUCH OF MEAT here! Hahaha! I think I want to be a temp vegetarian after the feasting during CNY! Burp! Hey, congrats! Saw your article in Star yesterday.
HairyBerry said…
pics lie but tastes dont...like a relationship, it's the chemistry of tastes that conquers all...

happy cny, team bsg!
Babe_KL said…
Team BSG, wishing all of you and family, kung hei fatt choy!!!
well its almost time for the War !
against liers and criminals , so we are as excited as you ( sometimes very brash ),
we are now in combat mode

happy new year again ! we all know it wasn't him ...he was drunk ( with $$$$$) collect onot?

got got a lot ! coming coming oh TQ

now that you mentioned it the last round had class and style ( we sentimentally miss that feel )...from the xpextancy and the exclusivity to the songs and more !

lucky u 2 are carnivore !otherwise our posts would be over-green right ? oh glad you noticed about that star , though it was edited unimaginably till un-bsg (even we couldn't recognise it )
LOL! btw what happened to the drive 4 food contests ah ?

looks , tastes and feel ( we are still looking ) very hard...
happy new year !and happy feelings you will need for your proses

thanks babe ( ya lah , da only one in town OMG )happy new year too ( & we are still waiting 4 the one... )
Unknown said…
salah salah, semua cooked in the salah way.

i like my beef cooked rendang way.