pixs do lie

so do tastes

Malaysian Cuisine is quite interesting at the eating tables.. We have seen a family recoiling in horror ( at least the mom ) upon seeing that the soup that came with the delectable nasi ayam smelt un-ayam. Why Maam that is one of our soupy delicacies if you purrrlease ! But...

Then during every pre-holiday rush 7-course Corporate Muhhibah Dinners cum dance parties involving staff , the organiser will have her hands full with the big Q ... ' ah got serve ??? or not " , aiyo we got many types of people you know.

Even in modern clean Cafes with the big safe "H" sign with Arabic words , seems like also got problems , like for eg that Chinese family where the Dad wants that fatty 'meat' the place din have while Mom wants steak that Pa couldn't take. Never mind .

Malaysians are clever too when it comes to looks !

the beef cuts , Western style ( such a pretty picture isn't it ?)

classy , real solid steak ( for grilled beef , as for rare , medium or well heated in littlebit oil )
these are super steaks ...actually... no this we din eat

looks like it ! ( from the Supermart Cafe ) RM 18

tastes like it ! ( Golden Arches prosperity foldover ) RM 9.50

but I din say it isn't me ! ( coz I eat lambs only ) RM 26 , check here

this post is dedicated to the Malaysian Judiciary , which looks like not real of late ...


lucia said…
lol. your food description is now getting political.

coming up next - something on bullshitting! :)
correct, correct, correct.

Happy CNY guys!! Happy Holidays!
Michelle said…
Happy CNY guys...
any 'babi' or 'tikus' post??

take cares..
blessed for the new year ahead..
prosper prosper!!

michelle =P
Rasa Malaysia said…
Gong Xi Fa Cai. No karaoke with the backstreet gluttons this year...
Precious Pea said…
SO MUCH OF MEAT here! Hahaha! I think I want to be a temp vegetarian after the feasting during CNY! Burp! Hey, congrats! Saw your article in Star yesterday.
Nic (KHKL) said…
pics lie but tastes dont...like a relationship, it's the chemistry of tastes that conquers all...

happy cny, team bsg!
babe_kl said…
Team BSG, wishing all of you and family, kung hei fatt choy!!!
team bsg said…
well its almost time for the War !
against liers and criminals , so we are as excited as you ( sometimes very brash ),
we are now in combat mode

happy new year again ! we all know it wasn't him ...he was drunk ( with $$$$$) collect onot?

got got a lot ! coming coming oh TQ

now that you mentioned it the last round had class and style ( we sentimentally miss that feel )...from the xpextancy and the exclusivity to the songs and more !

lucky u 2 are carnivore !otherwise our posts would be over-green right ? oh glad you noticed about that star , though it was edited unimaginably till un-bsg (even we couldn't recognise it )
LOL! btw what happened to the drive 4 food contests ah ?

looks , tastes and feel ( we are still looking ) very hard...
happy new year !and happy feelings you will need for your proses

thanks babe ( ya lah , da only one in town OMG )happy new year too ( & we are still waiting 4 the one... )
Keropok Man said…
salah salah, semua cooked in the salah way.

i like my beef cooked rendang way.