really no meats today

Its known generally as vegetarian food , as vegetables and other non-meat products make up the dishes. Some people patronise this kind of establishments for religious reasons others like us for food.

While a few actually believe that these kind of stuff are good ( health, heart & soul ) for you ! Our foray into uncharted territory has an extra soft intro something like this

the setting is like any other air-cond restaurant , except that here in Ayer Tawar Perak , it is a novelty to enjoy the cool air away from the burning scorching 35-degree C heat outside among some suicidal flies, in relative quiet comfort.

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For today's lunch , quickly simply done without the frills

its amazing when people eat "vegetarian" and up pop visually stunning sound-look-even-taste-alikes sharks fins soup , curry fish heads , butter prawns , pork throtters etc etc...???
Remarkable what they can think of next & ... do for you...
Now here in this little town , a 4 star vegetarian restaurant . Inexpensive though at slightly above RM 30 for 1 fried rice, 1 yee meen noodles , 1 sizzling tofu , a brinjal mixed dish , mushrooms green vegetables and 1 pot of chinese tea for 5 .
Restaurant Vegetarian Kuang Zhong
124 & 125 , Medan Seri Sentosa
Ayer Tawar , Perak
Tel 017- 503 2109 , 012 - 552 7261
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Anonymous said…
I actually prefer to eat "non-meat" vegetarian dishes, hehe. As in I wish they stopped naming these dishes after meats! Seriously... why can veges look like veges, rather than some pale imitation of beef or chicken or goose? :P

But they do taste good, so... ;)
hahah vegetarian is as expensive as eating the meats larr...
tigerfish said…
and you have gluten-fish, gluten-pork, gluten-prawns! Give me DA real meat!
HairyBerry said…
how much more creative can human get? i'm not a big fan of vegetarian dishes but on the other side, if these dishes could save some sharkies, piggies or chickies, why not? :)
Jason said…
Now that's freaking cheap. :)
truly we have heard of a confirmed vege vegetarian who lusted after meat(vegetarian imitation)whenver he comes to KL from Penang ! Its the meat that matters not the spirit LOL

true again ,since some specialities are exclusive and is cilinary art ( what soul food ? )
meant foe incorigible gluttons

we have tried their "fish" complete with burnt scaly skin with bones too believe it or not ( lookalike made from a strip of sugarcane )

this one is run by a certain temple so the question of the spiritual aspects need some due consideration tho we gluttonly believe other more delicious factors are at play

nex time on way to Pangkor drop by ok