the long connection

The Japanese are master adapters and infact changed their thousands of years new year celebrations from the Lunar ( as for Chinese ) to the Catholic version ( Western ) sometime during the Meiji period about a hundred odd years ago.

They now make everything from watches to automobiles etc etc etc which can be one or many classes ahead of their American/European masters !

Chinese noodles too have been transformed into this Ramen (ラーメン or 拉麺 , noodles soup with some meats ) which have also been cleverly refined in some versions for eg that is known as udon .

The right place right mood right red yellow colors for the aspicious Chinese New Year festivities , day 5 and running.

So many choices , in fact like hundreds of them !

This pseudo Japanese guy with the Pakistani Nepalise captain and waiters.

In a shopping mall in da city.

try one and see , only got 1 stomach

chicken ( again !) udon soup RM 11.50 . taste simply fair

Oh btw they invented instant noodles so they must be good right ?

No, our very own Nyonyas beat them by a mile ( of course ! )