its all about size

We had to try this outstanding restaurant at a corner shoplot in Lumut town since it boasts of very authentic Italian pizzas.

Naturally being such a Europeanised set-up the mandatory salads ( some raw vegetables in some unknown white sauce ) . Quite a colorful combination if you noticed.

then the mother of all seafood pizzas arrived super hot from the oven. Its h u g e , crunchy and well sea-ey as can be, served on a giant piece of heavy wood .

The thing looks so big infact its even bigger than the notebook which looks paltry by comparison.

All found in classy Capri Restaurant ( not that in Italy but here in Lumut) , all for RM 29 ( only ) . Together with some sizeable waitresses too from around the world.


Michelle said…
fuhhhhh.. ilove the sight of that pizza... best in crunchy thin crust.. taste better with more toping rather than thick bread.. YUM!! feel hungry n i just came back from supper.. darn..

so did it taste as great as it looked?
tigerfish said… that an Eee PC? I want that and not that pizza. :P
Anonymous said…
Same like Michelle above, I baru balik from lunch, and now hungry again from looking at this. Normally I'm not a big fan of seafood pizzas... but this one looks SO GOOOOD. And HUGE. Hehe.
HairyBerry said…
RM29 (only) for this mini ufo will only hv the "us" crying tears of joy. so much seafood, so huge. bring 'em over and lets plan a farewell party of mini ufos for "that" chain. hehe...
sooo biggg...i wish got as big as this in big town kl..where food is surprisingly smaller..
Camemberu said…
Oh my, Lumut now has pizza?? I remember it as a tiny sleepytown back in the 80s.

Yummy blog you have, btw. I'm adding you to my food blogroll! :)
tasted quite nice and hot , so happy with it. but was more impressed with the Indon waitress who looked like a filipino who speaks like a mainland Chinese who behaves like a Burmese

you are ever the sharp eyed one ( thanks to the multitude of fish )
as we intentionally blew down the size of the eee pc ! we owe you a heinekenn beer chilled

its crunchy all right but not that huge really ( haha see above )

that kind of farewell we will sure need your poetic touches

a picture tells a thousand stories haha

nice to drop in , yes Lumut has changed with many pubs and ues lasagne and pizzas including rriissoottiss (ahem )
teckiee said…
ehh lumut got such a nice place?
the next time we bring ya to the 3 pubs here !incl the best ambience pub in Malaysia
Unknown said…
i am interested in the EEE PC too!!!! it caught my attention more than the pizza! haha.

Hmmm I always think Lumut is a navy base only. Hmmm looks like there's a nice place for Pizza too!