isle of wonders

Just when you thought Genting Highlands' skyride cable car was incredible , wait till you try Langkawi Island's staggering shot upwards . And before you know it be even more dazzled by this architectural hanging strip of metal curving between two jagged limestone cliffs right beside the superdomes housing the cable car transit stations !

the awesome walk between da valley...& feel the wondrous breeze ! another shocker , a yellow kunyit nasi lemak right on top , winds gushing at speeds of at least 30kph striking your fluffy rice and banana leaf so beware

laksa kedah is everywhere on the Island , below hills , beside lanes and inside aircond shops , usually RM2 so you can have 2 or 3

the underwater ( neckless ) fatty from the Teluk Cenang ( glimpses of Pattaya ) Underwater World
@RM28 a ticket entry ( foreigners RM38 )

delightful Sofea Cafe ( facing sea ) in Kuah ( gravy ) Town 1 km from main passenger jetty

its Langkawi Special , unusually pleasant fried noodles with generous calamari ( cuttlefish ) fritters in tasteful setting , excellent value for money
this you gotta try


Jason said…
OMG! Langkawi will sooo be my next travel place on my list!
Michelle said…
how does the a yellow kunyit nasi lemak taste like.. better than the normal santan ones?? and i must say... that calamari(s) looks soo good... *drools*
wmw said…
That nasi lemak sure looks good....Mmm, yum yum!
tigerfish said…
I wonder if the cyclists eat all these before hitting the Tour de Langkawi...hhahahaa....

That bridge overlooking the cliff - reminds me of the new suspended skywalk overlooking Grand Canyon!
HairyBerry said…
who cares about the gushing wind when the kunyit nasi lemak looks so good...a soft caress, i'll say...or free air-conditioning..hehehe
Unknown said…
langkawi is best for a huge gang for it is huge ! then beer is cheap @ RM 4 in pubs 1,70 shops with lots of pulsating action after dark in da beaches !sometimes you can also have free beer ( something like that lah )

this will be the top choice for most types of ppl got sea got sun , nice motels great food ( really )cheap car rentals wide...spacious yes the kunyit thingy is quite fluffy and nice up up there with the breezy air ( wish you were here ...again )the calamari was gorgeous in the Oasis Cenang( remember the name dear )

you know it costs RM3 so gotta be damn good ( which it is ) !

much $$$ has gone into Langkawi thanks to the old man mahathir now a reject here ( at least his son where Umno wants him out )
this sky bridge is a wonderful piece of architechture( together with the extra steep cable cars ) with great stunning view of the andaman sea and many parts of the beaches here.

now that you noticed we rank this triangular Nasi kunyit lemak
a 5 out of 5 as the
highest NL in Langkawi !
( coz its the only one here omg )
fatboybakes said…
i say, i must seek your advice the next time i go here...the last time i was in langkawi, i found nothing edible... (in the "worthy of blogging about" sense la)
things have really changed a lot since a few years ago here in Langkawi ! In Cenang / Tengah . Baru beaches there are many cowboy styled woody jungle type stalls alongside some 5 star seafood / Indian Mamak eateries ! ...and the beer OMG @RM1.60 a can Carlsberg in the shops and RM 4 in the Irish pubs you shud be here ( soon )!
Rasa Malaysia said…
I like Langkawi. Thinking to buy a place there. Food looks good.
Langkawi is fabulous , we dont mind at all living next door to you by the sea
Anonymous said…
I've been to the Langkawi Cable Car too. Love the thrill of it.
Like to share some pictures of mine here: Langkawi Cable Car Pictures