firing hot meaty cravings

The Chinese pioneered steam cooking and probably also started this style of dumping delicacies into a pot of clay then heating the mix into a dark saucy meal like this , called chicken rice ( yet again !).

Some say this 3meats-in-1 concoction actually started in Kampar, Perak in the pre-war days but then again who knows. It is now easily found in most hawker centres and can be truly sensational if you find the right master who can transform a little row of charcoal fired potty rice , embedded with some tender meats ( plus fish ) with dark sauce into another biting 20-minutes-only fast & furious burning wonders.

Why then do you need 12 hours ( to a lifetime ) for those beggar chicks ?

chunky chicks on top , with glistening waxy additives

Becomes clearly inviting as it simmers away in front of you...that unmistakeable permeating aroma of everybody's ( actually not all ) favorite meats.

Strong , heavy & dark , with the unashamely & distinctively Chinaman sliced oily flat favorites on top, almost making it look like gourmet fried rice.
But here you will be treated to the extra signature high stinking fermented salty fish bits to go along with the mandatory green and red chillies.
Next time ask for this instant-cooked dark chicksNrice ok , the burning hot & pungent one


Michelle said…
argh!! tummy growling like hell at 2am in the morning..

i just had clapot loushu fun in cheras connaught this morning.. SUCKS!!
i wan that claypot RICE!!! ARgGHHH!!!
wmw said…
Love claypot chic rice with oily "Chinaman"....LOL!
HairyBerry said…
sweet, savoury,'s a pot of flavours alright. the bits of rice sticking on sides of the pot, aromatic and crunchy. oh, and the cili padi and soya sauce...

who needs beggar chicks, huh? haha!
k.t.x said…
guys/babes....wishing u all a happy chinese nude year, gong hey gong hey...nin yau yue....!!!!!!!
lucia said…
i love this dish! don't like normal chicken rice but love this claypot chicken rice!
happy new year hugs & soooocccchheeees dont eat so much ah ( leave some for us)

we know your fave oily one in DJ, saw you there again

right on dark and tasty and scrappy too !

haapy new year too !
try to be explosive in the rat year will ya !

happy new year , the time now is very near so can eat more !
Anonymous said…
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