eating well

before the big fight

of course you will need strategy

be very very very careful what you cross and put into this tiny hole

always watch your behind , front , below and sideways too

the big fishes are everywhere and must eat smaller ones so be extra cautious

Don't forget to eat more rice for energy , you need power too to return multicross fires
Good luck to the warriors ! May you have a good round 12th & may the force be with you
this Mother of all Shows ( not bluffing one ) begins Feb 13 2008

grand little Napoleonic Finale 8th March 2008 exclusively at a place near you
( dun MISS it ! or your downlines if any will regret 4ever we tell you )


wmw said…
I'm all ready for the battle...:o)Gong Xi Fa Chai, guys...and gals!
Jason said…
Oh, battle. Shall ready with my armor then :)
aiyoh..thought u talking abt strategy to eat during CNY..hahah then i c eat rice..wahahaha...
tigerfish said…
I am the small one that need to fight for survival man! Big fish eats small fish - small fish eats smaller fish! I'm in the stomach of two bigger fishes!! :O
Anonymous said…
Wouldn't miss it for the world. Newspaper articles are gonna be a farce with smiling politicians everywhere.
Unknown said…
aiyo banyak violent oh... i see backstabbing with blood. LOL..

Gong Xi Fa Cai.
HairyBerry said…
remember to eat well before the battle...and some popcorn while watching the result on tv...wonder if it's going to be a comedy or thriller this time around...

happy new year. team bsg!
lucia said…
forward march! on with the battle!

i am very excited. from now on will do lots of posting on the election. i will also stay up the whole night on 9 march to listen to the result!
teckiee said…
need to practice to mark the X
see ya then in the battlefield !
we kill for breakdast,lunch and dinner Hoho!

watch that nice gentle gal by ayour flank ...she kills too ( hahah)///slowly

we are now in combat mode ready to die for "love of country "(sounds familiar dun it ?)

smiling people are the best ( coz they will have everything)

they ask us to never compare with you lucky people down south...

its gonna be all things with lots of love and blood plus much food we are sure

omward march ! we have extra strong ppl like youself

dun worry we shall be beside you !
Unknown said…
comparing grapes and apples right? LOL...