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the traditional Sungei Dua Prawn Mee

Sungei Dua ( 2 rivers ) is a small town most people hardly notice when they pass by Butterworth on the way up North to Langkawi or Thailand . But did you know that hidden inside is a gluttonous reputation for super pricey noodles Malay style.?
Every eating shop seems to have it !

And by the way even in Food Paradise Penang there is an area near Bayan Lepas where the entire small kampung boasts of this huge "imported" orange dish called Mee Udang Sg Dua ,
a fantastic tribute from the Master himself and that's how "humongous" it is !

the "copycat" Penang version

this is Sg Dua , a typical small Malaysian river where some people
fish for fun others swim and bathe , and where it all began

A long time ago surely a smart Glutton ( like him ) would have thought of and invariably set out to open a wooden stall by the river bank ( with a view of bathing ladies ?) to feed more gluttons from the abundant "big head" bounty caught from the river ? ...then before you know it everybody else has jumped on2 the prawnwagon ?

those days they will sell a-plenty fresh water Xtra Big Head prawns (udang galah) in a small container , but now they have conveniently doubled up with these tiny sea prawns costing at least RM50 and above per kg.

As a rule of middle finger , such prawns will cost about RM 4 each .

So for an average small eater interested in only 2 prawns and the usual soupy noodles be prepared to dish out RM 12 a plate to satisfy your curiosity ( or cravings )

But W T H ! ...its always crowded with people hovering over some fresh coconuts....
xpensive or not ! they come on bikes , cars, vans and also mercedes

... just for this original real genuine old-fashioned Sg Dua Mee Udang.

Quite slurpy and tasty nonetheless and well worth your untiring efforts and as good as a glorified mee rebus should be especially soaked with fresh boiled prawns right ?
Be careful though there are many shops selling this thing with the inevitable disppointments all over the place but this one here beside the concrete bridge ( 15 years ago shaky dangerous wooden platform ) is most popular with a huge space for the cars ( & buses )...
You should try the novelty too , if you can find the place
( alas...many have gotten lost and ended up in Jln Macalister, Penang 30 km away for the Penang prawn mee )

selera sri tambang mee udang
1 , pengkalan tambang , permatang pasir , bukit mertajam

tel 012 - 575 9662


Anonymous said…
That is sooo delicious, did you ta pau back ?
Michelle said…
i've been to sg dua.. but tak nampak this stall leh.. think i din notice.. hehe..

i LURveEE prawnnsss!! big, small, steamed, hot, sour, salty, i take it alll.. ehhehe

today just had some yummy big prawns.. *slurps* hhehhe
HairyBerry said…
urbanise the dish, bring it to kl and you can sell it for at least RM 25...

i can imagine the sweetness of the gravy with these 2 heroes swimming in it...and the sweet view too, eh? hehehe...
tigerfish said…
Prawns at my place too! :P
lucia said…
there is a place known as sungai dua in bayan lepas, penang. i haven't heard of the sungai dua town you mentioned here (on the way up north).
and i heard of the mee udang sg dua too but haven't try it before.
on the way ..coming ...wait wait
color lose the Penang one tho

aiya we must take you !
2gether we shall eat-joy !

Up North this dish is Big ( head )!

you can always swallow them w(hole)

try to get it before nomination day ok !
Rasa Malaysia said…
I have never tried this mee udang, it looks like jawa mee to me (in Penang). But anything with Prawns I will eat them.
indeed its like all those mee rebus, mee java etc with the same orangel tomato sauce look alikes but the prawns are freshly good !