Westernised Lumut

While on assignment in Lumut lately , we were recommended to one or two cafes, bistros and bars including yes ! a steakhouse . These are some of the interesting sights and sounds ( + colors ) that went our way in this surprisingly Europeanised tourist town. At least in 2 Cafes & Bars here we have noted over a few nights that the expatriate community comprising many Englishmen dominates the bar counter and , well shall we say the tables too .

the still growing Lumut Waterfront ...
...recently a covered state-of-the-art walkway from the Lumut Bus Station sprouted overnight ( literally) and has now reached the Lumut Jetty ! Much to the convenience of pedestrians and bane to impatient motorists ( you win some lose some).

A handsome basket of the good looking garlic breads , a bsg favorite after dark , found in Jook Joint Bistro in the town centre. Crispy and hot they came.

their popular sirloin steak ( wonder what the loin is there for ) , rare and mean. RM26.

Hopping over to Seri Manjung we hammered this rib-eye ( where eye ?) from the award winning Fullpann Steak House . Also RM26.
Since we are all happy friends we shall not engage in a cowboymeathouse kind of shootout this time ! ...but more will come soon...


HairyBerry said…
looks like lumut's developing pretty rapidly, huh? never been there before but lean, mean steaks are calling out my name (can you believe it??!) haha...

nothing beats a sexy piece of meat...steak, i mean.
wah beef chunks for 26?? thats darn cheap..heres more like 36 haha..
Jason said…
I miss Lumut. Er... I miss Pangkor more actually. :P
Omar Cruz said…
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Tummythoz said…
Wow. Obviously Lumut is quite alien to me now. Can lend fingers to count how many years since I've been there?
Michelle said…
i never been to lumut worr...
hmm.. the garlic bread is seducing my taste buds.. look ver garlic-ky.. hahah
she's got meat is what we call them sweet smelling volup dames in da dark here in Lumut !

its cheap all right ! something like 30 % discount ?

pangkor has developed downhill actually of late ( many hills cutted and bleeding ) but $$$ is where they are here in Lumut now( naval base and sri manjung )

TQ sir

not the fingers whole body we give

whenever u r ready darlin'...