sauce is everything...

but , you got to start somewhere ...


after !

the effect is shattering !

check this ! out too


Michelle said…
this kind of metaphor u guys also can think of...
good brain.. good brain..
Hazza said…
lol, do u think of a pretty lady when u see cch? Personally, I thought the ccf looks nicer w/o sauce, and so does the woman! ... just my opinon, hehe
haha transformation eh? but with ccf..sauce or no sauce..i like haha
HairyBerry said…
sorry, team bsg. i still prefer "before". "after" is too "sweet" for me. a little "foundation" or soya/sesame sauce is ok...too much make-up can make one "geli"..hehehe...
wmw said…
My favourite leh...I'm missing the one from Wai Sik Kai, just posted about it.
tigerfish said…
Buahahhaa....CCF with sesame "pimples, acnes" (before) and after the sauce (moisturizer, foundation, make-up), "sesame seeds" ALMOST gone! LOL!

Can see cannot eat, the feeling is terrible....:(
Anonymous said…
is this hong kong CCF? doesn't look like the normal CCF. nowadays in penang the normal CCF... they don't open up the roll.

michelle, i agree with you team bsg got good brain to think up of such metaphor. they had been doing that a lot of times - very creative and imaginative mind!
teckiee said…
when u say sauce....u mean makeup right.. hahahah ..then again, you are damn right.
thank you , actually we are crooked

as people say you cannot be wrong on food ...and women ! hahaha

does look like people like it simple ya ?

one of the worst nighmares we come across are women with beautiful red lipsticks on their side front teeth . at night after a meal !

we knew it was yr fav , tender long, curving

great you noticed with yr sharp vision ( as a supercook should be !)

tks for yr nice comments and hope to see you here more often !

actually we love comparing great food to great girls ( ...we haven't talk about you yet...)
lucia said…
hey lulai is me lah. trying out the openid handle to comment. i choose 'lulai' (combination of my first 2 lettes of my first name and my surname). should have chosen my own name as handle eh.
Precious Pea said… creative this also you can think of.
what a pleasant surprise !
how about ai-lu ?

actually we din show tha bottom !