an oldy Modern coffee shop

noodles & rice , breakfast for 3

Its always refreshing when the latest hippiest eating joints pop up with their one-up-manship manouevers . Watch how many cool cafes have sprouted in the gleaming gigantic shopping malls of late, such as the tummy-breaking jaw-dropping lower ground KL Pavilion Food Republic .

Don't you dare accidentally drop one of those giant designer plates and bowls and shatter them into tiny pieces here for they will probably cost more than the tiny boutique ( but hawker) food you were then holding in your trembling hands !

So its always very nice if you meet a fresh little kopitiam far far away for a change. Especially if it tempts with mostly Malay kampung delights plus some Nyonya flavors.

Kopitiam ( coffee shop as in Chinese Hokkian ) refers fondly to a family run restaurant down the road where Grandma probably first met Grandpa. And the unforgettable sentimental dishes which kept them together all these tempestuous years After all they say food is love ...& yes !
vice versa.

as you step inside this place , the imposing black and white giant posters and the ancient Hang Li Po era of solid marble tables and stiff chairs will draw you straight into decades reversed.

the killer-dish ...good old hot black coffee ... and there you go again on a vibrant start to another round of juicy gossips , errrr you know " how can the good doctor do that . I mean what will the wife say..." , you know , that sort of things.

Mee Goreng with classic top-ups of fried egg and red chillies. Simple and nice the way she would have wanted it .

the Mother of all Malaysian rice. Traditional Nasi Lemak . All the right things are there !

Fragrant , fluffy and spicy.

Another bountiful and top rice & chicken dish , Nasi Ayam . presented in a modern fresh style in heavy cutleries , as with the rest above.

finally the Xciting noodle wonder and all time Malaysian hawker favorite , Assam Laksa. Competently close on the heels of the world famous Penang version.
A decent and comfortable place ( slightly pricier than normal hawker food courts here in Sitiawan) just beside the Main Sitiawan-Lumut Road , after the Petronas Petrol Station.
Surprisingly it is wi-fi enabled so you can catch your email on the go in this still as-yet Starbucks-less Manjung District , as you next rush towards your pulsating date at the Lumut Jetty for your Romantic Escapades !
Manjung Kopitiam ( halal )
66 Pusat Bandar Seri Manjung
32040 Seri Manjung, Perak
Tel 05-688 7541 visit website here


Hazza said…
Lovely looking food. Was the price ok? Problem with trying to go to these little places is that its onconvenient to go to ... just for a meal. Parking.. then trek through the hot sun..... hence, the malls with air con and lots of other things to do, seem to get the business.
Anonymous said…
Would you interested to exchange link with us at AsiaValley Blog Directory in the Food & Drink category. Thanks

I was with my family go to lumut for fun.
and past this town
dunno it was there.........

cheese! cheese!
Big Boys Oven said…
Cant wait to have oyster fried eggs under the coconut trees!
prices here around 4 to 5 ringgit a dish. true the malls offer a more exhilarating Xperience for sure

yes pleaee TQ, will catch up soon

hey long time no see ! glad yu are
now going places ( got go kg cina ornot for todi ?)

are all yr scrumptuous cakes and others available here ? then u can sit by coconut tres all day( and nights ) !