lunch at Melaka Street

Melaka is a pretty small state and has a history stretching back very long , in fact the longest in Malaysia. This was the place where the Europeans fought for control of the spice trade centuries ago. So any mention of Melaka invariably conjures some blurred nostalgic images of very old traditions and colorful splendor. For any restaurants then who dare stamp its glorious name on the front ...better be quite special or else...

the fusion Siam/Malay/Chinese /? appetiser kerabu mango slices. Sourish sweet . Faultless.

Assam fish slices with green fingers. Strongly sourish probably over-aligned to Siamese North.
the famed chickens stuffed in ( no not banana ) leaves , pandan chickens , almost flawlessly poked from downunder.

this one the creame , kapitan curry chickens will excite even the most bland and overcholesteroled connoisseurs and raw novices alike. Superb. Probably unbeatable inside or outside Melaka !

the have-to-order-one greenies to make up the numbers

the Siam/Malay/Chinese cold mix , drippingly flavorful with some lingering resemblance to those sultry-snooze & oozzzz dragon ladies you sometimes meet below the coconut trees in the
estates ( or issit Batu Pahat ? )

what a mouth -watering bloated delicious afternoon !
lunch for 6 adults, only RM 122.59
Melaka Street Restaurant
( a bsg recommended where to eat ! )
34 , Jalan SS2/66
PJ Tel 03 - 7873 6232


Anonymous said…
Food looks really delicious! Must go there to try the kari kapitan since it comes so highly recommended! ;-)
Christina Kim said…
I love Assam fish too (without coconut milk)!:)
Nice desserts...really nice food to recommend:D
Michelle said…
wohh.. nyonya and their colours!!~
nearest nicest pandan chicken i can get is at 1U good evening bangkok..
if not mistaken..

sigh.. it's 12.17am.. haven even had my dinner.. =( ntg to eat. so sad.
Anonymous said…
thts too expensive eh=(
HairyBerry said…
drooling over the assam fish...this version is kinda simple, eh? me, what's really important is that rich, sourish assam gravy...bring on the rice!!! haha!
tigerfish said…
Lovee sourish assam fish, wooo...and the pandan chicken look very big!
wmw said…
Hey, my fave restaurants...which reminds me...someone still owes me the crabmeat tofu! :o), eh, can't get you through your handphone, change number ah???
Unknown said…
i want that kari kapitan! fill up all the food in a tingkat and fly over via LCC!

old school says coconut milk no good for health. new school says coconut milk is good for health.

you choose to believe who? haha...
one of the most flavorful Nyonya ( imitation , fake, ungenuine , or clone etc ) places we have come across. Distinctly sharp santany ( or issit satanic ) multi tastes.

tks for sweet comments ( as you are ) and yes you should somehow try this plave soon . Full of lunch time ladies crowd

you are giving us wild dreams again ( of rushing up to tapau you curry BKT ) in case you havent eaten for nights ( which is possibly impossible)

hey you are right ! it is ! maybe after all the NST review etc and now BSG !

unfortunately sometimes consistency is a problem , if they oversqeeze the lime or underassam the gravy.

yes our sweetest fish goddess !
the pandan thing is good ( only if leaves are off )

We din forget , only lingering it a bit nos 0123907429,0122895690,0169712723
have changed many times sorry ( ISA precautions)

dun forgit to bring yr famed cameras of course and we eat everyhing , coz we detoxify every night ! coconut water is strong but flesh is weak so it really depends !
Precious Pea said…
So colourful and vibrant! Looks good. Never try this place before cos i tot everything here are spicy but will give it a try since it's in my neighbbourhood.
lucia said…
all the dishes look nice and yummy. i love nyonya food.

is this place where there are lots of nyonya restaurant around? i remember somebody recommend a street in melaka where one can get to see lots of nyonya and non nyonya (chinese) restaurants.
Anonymous said…
Hmm... must pass a true Malaccan's tastebuds first, i.e. me! Lol.

But from the pics, they do look good... :D
ya you better, just next wmw her fav crab tofu place

this one faces the houses and easy to find. a row of good chinaman shops too

we waiting impatiently your love punching Hang Li Po / Hang Tu Ah / Hang Chee Bat review
k.t.x said…
emmmm, nice nice, but for that sorta price...i'd rather go around a 'quality' hawker centre and gather all those for way less than 30...kekeke.