evergreens from da Kampungs

We think Masakan Melayu (Malay Cuisine) ranks No 1 in the country , in terms of tempat , 地 點
& location .

...we mean this rugged place, with the Lumut Naval Base ( TUDM) at the background among the swaying coconut leaves...

... a truly amazing place by the dusty roadside, crowded with hungry customers coming in by the carloads. all ready 2 Q .

the Main S p r e a d

probably Manjung District's finest and most popular Nasi Campur ( mixed rice with pre-cooked dishes ) shop

with at least 35 different trays of eye-popping goodies , reminiscent of some class act in the Capital

one side corner for the Ulam ( raw vegetables ) + sambal ( chilli sauce ) , 2nd covered deck for the ikan bakar ( grilled fish ) , 3rd section the fried meats , 4th centre-court the main course of curries etc and 5th side corner the fully-loaded drinks section .

All efficiently D I Y ( hence its signature namesake , see below ).

Uniquely Malay Cuisine , with superstars stingray ( ikan pari ), burnt or with assam curry ), fried mackeral look-alike ( with secret sambal hidden below the "armour"), catfish ( ikan keli ) fried until da bones taste like meat , fresh 4-angle beans , ladies fingers , long beans , lettuces , petai etc

very heavy & strong colors , the classic nasi banjired ( rice flooded with multi-curry sauces ) dangerous look

burntttt black stingray beside the
all-time Malay-styled
orangeee fried egg ( you can't miss them)

fried steel-plated fish with medium raw long beans & one super soft fish (?)

greens , greens , meats
and more biting hot sambal

Da ikan keli and assam curry pari with "Indian" vege (?)
each plate above is about RM 6 each ( 1 meat + 1 fish + 1 veges + 1 iced water )
Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman
No 3A , Jalan Telok Batik
( just beside TUDM)
32200 Lumut Perak

H/P: 019 - 574 7491

note : opening hours quite erratic & luscious dishes remarkably
Xplosive !!

p o w *% w o w%*+!


tigerfish said…
More than 2 fishes in one plate? I thought usually just room for one? But again, it's Nasi Campur - I will be confused on which dishes to pick!!!!
Michelle said…
i nvr tried ulam before..
not dare.. hehee.. scared too raw..

eh.. since when i jadi ur flavor of the month ha? lol
HairyBerry said…
tak payah cuba lar...nampak pun tau sedap! an visually appetising dish indeed. rawness of the ulam versus the tanginess of the asam fish curry..green vs red...shiok!

another rape like dim sum, eh? sans the hefty price, of course.
MeiyeN said…
hmmm what are you doing in lumut???? so many lumut's posts... lol...
Precious Pea said…
Fish, fish, fish and fish? How come no other meat? Like chicken or beef? Looks good...so fiery red! But average RM6 per plate..hmm....KL price wor!
Jason said…
Fish dishes are overpriced lar, no idea why.
lucia said…
wow! all the food look so appetising! well i like malay food... esp. the spicy ones.
Unknown said…
i see the tauge is not stingy with the kucai thingy. I like it like that!

the kuah assam! I can drink it man!
Anonymous said…
That's some fresh looking Ulam... *reminds self to eat more greens*

here we had one who doesnt take beef ( religion and culture ) , one no prawns ( too high cholesterol) another no chickens ( can become chicken)then no tiger so fish was best choice !LOL

raw is good raw is power !
u have always been my dear

its very colorful like those kpg damsels ( taboleh tahan )! malay food is interesting in its own way esp the multi sambals ( indian muslims can't do better ones )

da ladies needed da men

true kl price but kpg perempuan so more fresh

becoz fish good for eyes then perfect for the heart ( also love ?)

Pg lang love spicy food and Malay cuisine influenced lots of nyonya food too . We love their petais and grrens in 4 type sweet sour spicy bitter sambals !

we have always wanted to drink assam or laksa soup from the mugs !
one day soon together we do !

kg girls are not green you know ...
they are mostly orangeee passionate
Unknown said…
one day the world will yum seng using assam or laksa soup. we shall wait for that day!