eating in Lumut

little hits from the Gold Coast

almost architectural marvel the Jeti nasi kandar ( Indian Muslim ) restaurant ,
adjacent to Lumut Jetty

the impressive jetty , sea and hill views , from inside the restaurant

the really quite flavorful multi-color briyani rice RM4.80 , with chicken kurma curry drumstick

neighboring ( infront of CIMB Bank ) Lumut town centre Rhythm ( err rocking ) & Blues
Malay Restaurant.

unmistakeable Masakan Melayu sambal and ulam (raw greens ) with mutton & curry gravy

This one another classic Malay ikan bakar ( burning fish ) + tomyam (Siamese Sour Hot Soup ) eatery , as big as one football field seafest by the Teluk Muroh Beach
( just outside the Lumut Naval Base )
the stingray whole and burnt brown in spicy chilli sauce + 2 more different sauces
( to make 3 ) , RM14
Restoran Ah Hing , another Fuzhou Cuisine Specialist ( and super wedding caterer )
from Kg Selamat , Sitiawan

the pop-up high oyster omelette to beat all other underblown yolks
by an eggfull

this is the Sitiawan town wet market's answer to Sri Paandi , Brickfields Kuala Lumpur.
...the ultimate & completely banana leaf rice aka nasi lemak , only RM 0.70 ( what ? )

behold , fully aromatic fluffy rice and stinking fish proudly
made by a Chinaman... only from the backStreets naturally
its really fun


Hazza said…
Of all those lovely food pics, the one that really made me salivate was that simple banana leaf nasi lemak! I have not seen it packed like this for many many years. Even during my visits to KL /PJ, you dont find them wrapped in just plain banana leaf anymore. Takes me back to the days when I was about 4 or 5, when there used to be a nasi lemak seller who cycled past the back lane of our house, and often I would want one and my mother would buy it and scraped the sambal off it so that I can savour the lovely coconut rice.
HairyBerry said…
ok, technically, you are right. it is banana leaf rice. haha! apa??? RM0.70??? with stinky fish somemore? i'm sure the sambal blends well with the stinky fish and the coconut milk rice...again, apa? RM0.70??
no mee sua ar?? i thought they r famous for tat too?
Precious Pea said…
WOW! All this while, i tot lumut is a very 'ulu' place. Must do a weekend getaway there soon.
Anonymous said…
Dear Friends,
Would apprecitae if anyone one of you do have the number for the Resoran Juara Utara. Thanx
teckiee said…
wahh they dont chop the 4 angel bean one ah...
tks for sharing some of your early childhood sights and flavors ! Seems that our later life food preferences and cravings go back to the early days and this was aptly gluttonised by the movie ratatoille(?)and now reinforced by another sentimental foodie from globetrotting Hazza ! This traditional way of simple raw food preparation is still alive in the kampungs but not for long...

the taste is more like curry rice but nice too and then the price ( you can have 4 if you like )!therss prawns, cuttlefish and ikan bilis too

there are at least 7 more of such things , one day when you are here remember to crave ok

Lumut is good for sea lovers who prefer the basics . Indeed it has the best steaks , malay rice ( and thai girls ) north west of kl , south of Penang and north north west of malacca ( sorry for the long directions )

good to know you love the bakars
013 - 523 3300 or
016 - 598 5000
only at night and admire the beachfront

they will if you prefer them short !
not coming back ah ?
tigerfish said…
so the 0.70RM nasi lemak just got rice and stinky fish? Where's the cucumber, ikan bilis? I need company! One fish is not enough :P