chicks in Malls

Deli is short for delicatessen , a kind of casual eating place where the food is pre-prepared/pre-cooked . Usually situated in busy streets or Malls such as this one here in Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

Sometimes one gets stunned with this pretty one-legged boast . ...possibly the world's best...!

can read or not ?
... oh well , lets give it a shot then ! ( giving in to subtle sweet youngish pressu.. errr pleasure )

convenient pictorial menu , seems so many choices...

at about RM 11 each plate ,
the days where it ruled supreme in Bangsar Shopping Centre and 1 Utama is "possibly" long gone...what with the hip hop fresh sexy cafes sprouting all over now in 2 Utama , Sunway Pyramid, KLCC , Pavilion etc, etc.
You can still give it a try though , for the experience (past glory possibly) , or just to answer that question of "possibly the best ! " ( ya , why not ?)
Dave Deli
Subang Parade
Subang Jaya


Unknown said…
ah. Dave's Deli!
sudah lama tak makan kat situ!

long long ago, when I was working for a while in Bukit Jalil, we use to drive to Pyramid and have Dave's Deli.

toll used to be cheap haha..
hmmm maybe should visit KL eh, got AirAsia, Tiger, Jetstar flying budget to KL from Sg now.
Hazza said…
I got a lot further to fly if i visit KL and coming from UK, I'm afraid these would be the last places I'd go. However, I must say that the chips in Malaysia is a lot tastier than those in UK due to the type of potatoes used.
Wennn said…
Dave Deli's tat was really ages ago since I been there. I loved thier sandwiches.... Hmmmmm nice
HairyBerry said…
i totally forgot about this place! it WAS the most-talked about deli and kenny roger's worst enemy back in those school days of mine...

hmm...should i group them with THE SHIP now?? hehe...
Michelle said…
hope u enjoy ur chicks.. lol

dave deli at klang last time was incredibly DIRTYY... baby cockroaches running around the soup counter.. EIUU.. no wonder it closed down d.. lol
lucia said…
i have eaten at dave's deli (in penang) only once and that was long time ago. even forgot what i ate but think it was just some buns or pies.
you must come and contact some kl foodist like wmw , joe etc afterall they will surely want to see you in action when you take your glittering aerial zooms, btw think Dave Deli is on he way out...suckered by those sweeties fr HK , Taiwan and Spore !

we dare say for sure Malaysian food got more tastes ( we will talk bout the gals nex ) than English chips ! but roses...? hmmmmm

Dave used to be as famous as that Hindustani( or issit singh ?) singer then...well

certainly the foodscape of today vis a vis 1980s has changed a lot as is the Mall scene ( must see Pavilion KL , the Food Republic)

now that you mentioned it , no we did not enjoy the Dave kinda has a chemical sor of taste !
Klang ...welll...lovely as Mic...

Dave is almost history now we think ! ( a lot to do with the staffing , thats what you get when they have no real 'authentic; touches , only uniformed mechanical movements)
k.t.x said…
ahhh, rubbish. lol. (opps)