the white jewel

very fair chicks & prawny wontons

inside this shop in SeaPark Petaling Jaya beside the wet market lies possibly the best fair chicks in the land , even more fair than the mineral water imbued ones from Ipoh.

And also arguably the best prawn wontons in the business. So check them up the next time you are here
mornings 8 to evenings 3.

smooth slurpy wonton goodness in Ipoh styled hor fun soup base ( kuey teow soup also avaiilable )

the mega Stars...

so smooth & slippery you can even eat one whole chick on its own.
Boiled/steamed chickens in magical oyster sauce , classically Chinese . Chicken flavor at its sexiest...
Found almost no-where else.
( true or not ? )


Yup...da chicken sure looks slippery smooth. Suddenly ter-swallow before can chew how?
lucia said…
i love anything with prawns in it so i guess i would have love the prawn wonton. :)
wmw said…
Hahaha...the folks here call me "Mui mui" tickled by them!
MeiyeN said…
i just been there last week! love their supa "wat" chicken ekekeke....
HairyBerry said…
woah...chinese chicken at its sexiest ar? very intriguing, slurp slurp...
looks like no need teeth also can chew..wahlau eh..
then we shall roll in 2gether , with passion unlimited

prawns are lovely when soft and tender too ( no need to be fair )

so when you gonna be the latest tansformed leng chea chea ?

so he went GAGAed over them ?

yes surely you wouldn't let them go other than inside in an instant !

ya man , some are just tooooooo gooooood..& dangerous no wonder they dun call them dragon women 4 nuthin'
Unknown said…
oh! that would be lovely to taste it now!

I need to hunt for that for dinner tonite!!!
that shud be real nice !