we got the sea , da hills , the food

...n de fruits

beautiful Batu Ferringgi , and the 30 + year old laksa stall.

Now RM 2.00 a plate , from 30 sens those days ( we think )

the Balik Pulau hills , and the fruit orchard. Nice view. Great fresh fruits minus the famed durians ( sorry , off season in Dec ! )

don't miss them next time , its only 30 minutes after Batu Ferringgi along a most scenic slightly elevated drive .

Catch team bsg parasailing if you are lucky...


lucia said…
mental jog

you are in penang again? why no inform me again?

haven't try and haven't heard of batu ferringhi laksa... but try and heard so much of balik pulau laksa. didn't you guys try the balik pulau laksa?
wmw said…
Parasailing??? So, that was really Team BSG outside my window!!! LOL!
they were actually getting drunk then parasailing to Balik Pulau laksa next LOL ! see next post TQ

ya getting drunk beside the beaches again...

then when you flashed , they paniceked ...!
yammylicious said…
happies holidayyyyyyyyyy~ for mii i don;t really heart malay laksa.. but the fruits are fresh.. how long i nv eat jack fruit & jambu air d... drooling*
Rasa Malaysia said…
I ate at the same laksa stall near the beach u went to, didn't you tambah the hard-boiled egg?