turn your chicks the other way

the bruised and badly burnt but tender unfeathered birds good-enough-to-break-&-eat with your bare hands , rolling on...

stuffed here & there with lemongrass stalks plus some secret spices

tear , grip & eat

actually they are all pure & white , inside

additional hot chilli sauce provided

a few kilometres outside Sungei Buloh town , towards Ijok .
All harems lining roadsides . But this mamasan is decidedly better. Satisfy yourself here , for only RM12 a quickie.


Kenny Mah said…
Oh you sure know how to whet one's appetite. Even a few minutes after midnight, my tummy is grumbling...

Ayam pusing? My belly also pusing, all the hunger juices swirling around waiting to be fed, haha...
Wah looks so yummy! Here's to an exciting 2008 filled with eating expeditions (in your case!) and romances in each kampung in Malaysia!
HairyBerry said…
stuffed turkey with chestnut i heard before, but ayam pusing sumbat dengan serai? first time for me...i think it will smell like ayam percik minus the marinate...does it come with the nasi ayam kinda chili sauce?? and oh, happy new year! :)
~Christine~Leng said…
roasted chickens nicely prepared! Wanna tear, grip and eat 'em ! and... btw.. Happy New Year!
lucia said…
wow! the picture of the chicken look so appetising. yummy! think i'm gonna love this ayam pusing berempah (since i love roasted and rempah!)
its actually quite good but must go with a good drink, coz dry

right on babe !
food , drinks , boys & girls !

it comes with a mild chili and the taste much milder drier than the percik dripping wet version

grip it and never let go
Happy New Year !

one day we bring to da Park
Unknown said…
Hmm in Central they call it Ayam Pusing?

Down south, at Batu Pahat, it is called Ayam Golek. Tried it, enak sekali! hahah..

Check it out: http://www.batupahat.org/?p=496

must try soon JB ! tks for expose !