sunrise in PJ , Malaysia

a harmonious blend of orange , yellow , red & black glows , culminating in the perfect set
(red ginger chilli sauce and black herbal sauce )

the golden compass

the ever loyal followers of the imperial force

the final frontier

...and the sun rises
bsg's better roast ...beating the imperial Peking Duck , Beijing by a few webbed feet.
Malaysia Bolih !
Restoran Sunrise
( near KFC traffic lights )
SeaPark , Petaling Jaya
.from 11.30 am daily
Mondays , imperial rest day


tigerfish said…
orange , yellow , first I thot it's gonna be some "orleng lu" (orange juice in broken langauge) but turn out to be wonderful duckie! Love the plum sauce with roasted duckie.
Michelle said…
the rice looked kinda of keras hor?
Anonymous said…
sorry eh..i strongly disagree with it..the duck jst tasted normal for me and its not marinated properly=(... i think Peking Duck is unbeatable=p
ai wei said…
came across from christine blog! i have found another wonderful food blog! yeh!~
Precious Pea said…
Quack quack quack...i loves roast duck...quack quack quack!
HairyBerry said…
Such lovely golden colour...This is the type that will go well with just a touch of soya sauce...if only i can hv this for breakfast, "rise" and "shine", i'd say! haha!
seems many ppl avoid duck tho , some say too tough !others say too much fats . bsg says bring them on babe !

it is actually ( how u know ah ?)

you are right too coz taste is indeed personal ! but we were not impressed with one of the Peking version of skin then the other packet one failed miserably !

ah wei
tks for coming over and yes, we eat like crazy ( more so if u join us )

coming from you the multiple dishes specialist !

the serious women here ( esp da mean chief chopper ) start at 11 am then goes non-stop till its over. Lucky if you can get a seat...da most famous in PJ
( maybe da world )
hahaha RM12 for a quarter so RM48 for 1 duck ( double that of chicken with double the fats )
k.t.x said…
ducks r great really. juz had some yday during the toong fest. if u hv too much chicks ducks will come in precious....
hahaha ducks for ladies lah !
We oni wanna chicks !
Anonymous said…
sunrise duck are so yummy...very so much...