Steam Power

Steam comes out with a loud hiss and painfully scalds one who is careless , as it has great power.

..and so it was harnessed to generate great energy ( Q i ) to power a big boat , to cross oceans and enrich lives , bringing a sense of great harmony & togetherness thus bridging the bland divide.

that was way back in the 1880 somethings. Today in PJ and elsewhere it resembles nothing like those ancient European vessels. Now it is stuffed with mostly some meats and marine things , some white vegetables ( why ? ) and those Chinese soya flakes . then again it doesn't cross oceans anymore.

must have at least 2 raw eggs and some noodles.

the Ying ( herbal soup ) and the Yang ( tomyam soup ) of the matter.

resulting in a delicious noodles in soup, or soup with salivating noodles ( or is it wet aphrodisiac ? ) ?

...only RM13.80 per satisfied customer , all DIY

Restoran Loong Foong
beside Catholic Church
Off LDP Highway ( Taman Mayang )
4 , Jalan SS 25/23 ,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 7803 8722

...the traditional one... beware burnt lips


Kenny Mah said…
Steam! Steam!

Hehe, I love how you start off your entries with a little intro. Have to say though, I'm never a big fan of steamboat unless it's really good... Not much luck with dining on it outside my home, as a certain Lyrical Lady has experienced with me. ;)
Michelle said…
i want that prawn!!!
tigerfish said…
The hotpot/steamboat ingredients in Taiwan is quite different from the SE Asia steamboat!
teckiee said…
I avoid this place at all cost. I found a lizard shit on the plate of bee hoon given to us before!
lucia said…
mental jog

which catholic church? st francis xavier?
ya mean da certain lyrical not enough stupor yet with the steam ? hahaha nex time consider the team

the bukit tinggi klang also got many such shops right ! see you there !

we believe so , the taiwanese vesion ar found in some cafes here we think but yet to try them ( waiting for TF )

sorry about your misadventure ! we have encountered flies in shark fin soups , whole lizards too in others haha

yes you are right !