a pre Chrismas Chill-out

happily drinking Assam Laksa

The recipe essentials , special courtesy of "da chef", team bsg

This super-multiple flavors (not orgasm) noodles is an undisputed bsg & hot ladies favorite. A speciality of ' da chef ' , he sometimes generously pleases da ladies( & then some ) by specially airflying the brew in from 4 corners of the globe , starting with authentic Greece ending in international flavor-of-da-year Beijing , to da tigers den in Taman Tun called Pasta Fredo ( near Maybank, Rahim Kajai )

While many of you may feel a little disconnected with this unusual session , be assured that there are no lingering after effects whatsoever save for the all round sense of well-being , fullness & overall air of small festivity after the night is done , and the tigeresses ( errrr? ) go home...

heres a Merry early Xmas cheer to one and all !
from team bsg !


Wennn said…
Grabs a bowl and wait patiently to be served....
MeiyeN said…
omg... you mean you guys cooked da assam laksa? why am not invited? :( so yummy looking... slurpy!
lucia said…
asam laksa? penang asam laksa? but why is the soup so red? i thought red means lemak laksa. and it is on a plate? not bowl?

whatever, it look so appetising. gimme gimmme!! oh include the tiger. :)
yammylicious said…
drinking asam laksa?!

drinking while eating asam laksa?! aww thats special for xmas ya!
marry xmas lol!
HairyBerry said…
assam laksa, love it! booze, love it too! assam laksa + booze? hmmm...something new to me, haha! must give it a try.
wmw said…
:o) Will call you soon, got a drinking place to let you know of (unless you already know!)
Rasa Malaysia said…
That laksa looks so delicious...I have gotta make laksa soon, and I CAN because I brought back some har ko this time...shrimp paste sauce!
tigerfish said…
Who made this? I can sense the sourness of this laksa after I see the lime. Hahaha...but I like sour stuff....unusual for a tiger and fish...:P

Merry early xmas too! :D
teckiee said…
lets see. Christmas celebration now... any for the next few weeks. how many years Christmas you didn't celebrate ah?
kummin kumming dear

we looked 4 ya down de cafes u were not there ! then up there u disappeared ...nex round we gonna catch u ( fresh )

hahaha red means bombed !

we do it all da time

enjoy with da ladies its high

ok make it fest

actuall da ladies were bedder

but u are no ordinary tigress nor fish we can see !

this year will be different coz got election ( with R or not ) hahaha
Unknown said…
eh.... you all din jemput the down south pple to go makan, how can!

if only can tapow RM or Tiger's version here.

i always finish my gravy for assam laksa! yumm.....
kuming kummingggg !