some Goddesses , a Chinaman

...& very ancient civilizations

Early Nov 2007 the chef, team bsg's epic journey across the Aegean Sea near Troy
( where Achilles used to roam ) in search of broken stones & millenia artifacts
did reward him with some voyeuristic glimpses of some striking Goddesses....
...but not much else ( believe it or not ! )
Maybe Zeus & Co were too busy squabbling over Venus , et al to have time to indulge in
needless humanly epicurian pursuits . Nestle Maggi Mee rules in Greece ok !

onwards then to Beijing , China ...
...flavor of the century ?

please click "x" to prod the big feast to appear , afterall its a lot you know TQ

from the 1st ancient Land , the chef made an about turn & landed smack onto the yellow Central Kingdom , only a few thousand more years down from the Heavens .

Tho we had to restrain him from his Xploding frenzy about those tall fair girls ,
food , food and more Emperor's food ! Well ...its understandable coz the Emperors
from the Central Kingdom are rehearsal readying an Olympic sized Banquet to entertain
the Gods & Goddesses from Mount Olympia next year .
We have packed his awesome Heavenly Delights into only a few square inches you see above . He promises to whippp up some of them himself next time...for us mere mortals *t *b* y... humans
Bon appetit !


HairyBerry said…
well, ceasar and co. were squabbling over cleopatra too...but italian cuisine still reigned..haha! nice post!
lucia said…
mental jog

wow! i envy you guys lah! traveling to exciting places and trying out the exotic food. hey, should explain more about the food to us lah - how's the taste and all that.
such awesome pics. tell more stories lar.
Michelle said…
have fun guys.
cheer me up with your fabulous stories... me working lately.. very tiring n stress.. *sobs*
Precious Pea said… envy!!!!
k.t.x said…
now, this is crazy!! totally unfair. it's not only food that u manage to take control, but the goddesses in different degrees......greeks to chiiinass. did u try sampling the 'sanya courses" which flocks to that small island of hainan every year...? lol.

btw, who is that ms branelli? lol..corny name!!
strangely greek food still sounds Greek omg !

chef says nex time over a beer + 7 will talk about those women...

those odeyssies will take a g e s u know , but coming up soon !

dun worri its always like that when you start working, soon the fun starts...

happy birthday and envy yr kobes more !

haha we try we try , Branelli is in pavilion kl our fashion lady
meet her soon !