lorong baru, Penang

some backStreet strikes in da New Lane

We used to roam with a frenzy in da good olde days at this little orgyfest of the A to Z of Penang's all-in-one eat-eveything & anything R & R ( refuel & recharge ) centres. From grilled chicken backsides ( bishops' noses ) to broken fish head noodles to inside total pig .

Just down below where Sunway Hotel off Jln Macalister is.

We particularly like this one here. Round and fair tubes and hoses hanging loose. Smooth or jagged. Springy or crispy. Long short or fat. By the way it is a rice porridge speciality. It is not El Cerdo ( the classy expensive KL pig specialist ) but it is fantastically cheap and even puts the famed Petaling Street( KL ) morning porridge guy ( pork intestines version ) to shame if we only talk about taste and originality ok .

Brewed to perfection , from incomparable Gluttonland. Only a few ringgit(s) a bowl.

Just drink it !

then this simply simple dish. Chee Cheong Fun Penang style. Just some flat rice vermicelli strands , sprayed with black and brown sauces topped with sesame seeds...super smooth and fair.
But quite pungently delicious ( or not as the case may be ).

Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient !


Big Boys Oven said…
i love this place, lots of food, you can eat till you drop!
Wennn said…
I been to this place and had all those lovely porridge and chee cheong fun too... And I stayed at the hotel so it was nice just walked down and had plenty of nice food... Hmmmm makes me wanna go bek again now...
Michelle said…
wah wah wahhhhwahhh..
that that porridgeeee.... so soooo.. temptingg.. i wanttttt..
but so farrrr... at penang.. sigh

near my house also got this aunty ith her assorted porridge(s).. ok.. off i go now.. hehe..
tigerfish said…
I love to DRINK porridege.
Porky porridge with an egg cracked at the bottom to allow the egg to be slowly cooked under the "heat" of the warm porridge.
penang chee cheong fun is my absolutely most favourite food from penang. *drool*
lucia said…
mental jog

i hope this is an old post - not that you had been to penang recently??? because if no, i'll be disappointed that you no inform me! dun wanna meet me! :(

esp. when you are at new lane hawkers centre - this is the place i'm very familiar with as visit it many times (since the church i goes to is just next door).

luckily you got the right chee cheong fun stall which is good. there is another chee cheong fun stall, not so good. in fact, in new lane's hawkers stall, there are many same kind of food/dish with more than 1 stalls! that's why you need a penangite to point out to you which one is the better one!
definitely , if you also have gluttons with you !

this one not bad , as most Pg stalls are...

haha dun worri , Klang also got many killer dishes, like that gorgeous u know errrr Miche.... oh ! :--)

that is something new ! steaming floating eggs bottomless ?

really ah ? ...n V thoz it was those colorful greenie things with music one

hahaha ! this one was from the chef BSG who is a Penangite, back home for a quick romp ! dun worri we shall surly meet up soon when I am there, toniXe
Rasa Malaysia said…
You didn't try the kangkung sotong in New Lane? And Lor Bak Heh Chee?
teckiee said…
WMW, Precious Pea, Jackson and me covered New Lane for our video contest. Tried the pig spare part porridge... a bit sweet la. Quite different from the rest that I have tried in KL.