here comes the meats

from the kampung to the Highways to Uptown

immortalised in hunky P Ramli / sex-bomb Saloma movies , the sidelane smoky grilled meats on pieces of small sharp sticks courtesy of the ever jovial satayman are going wide and UP. The classic open air smoky burnt charcoals with the delectable fumes have now given way to huge burners in concrete shops , lined with expensive looking table tops.

the crowd

the famous Kajang Satay ( 3 pieces in Hokkian )
chicken , beef , deer , rabbit + other meats
from RM 0.60 to a few RM a stick

the super proteins
sticky rice with raw onions and cool cucumbers

the main peanut sauce ( slightly spicy and quite sweet )
with side kick darker sauce ( hidden at the back )
tho we have always preferred the real thing , the way it was ...
...wind , smoke... smells and all.
restoran sate kajang hj samuri
damansara Uptown , PJ
(same row as HSBC Bank )
( one of 17 more others )
tel 03 - 7710 5318


Kenny Mah said…
"We have always preferred the real thing , the way it was , wind , smoke... smells and all."

Hehe, I guess that's the closest thing you'll get these days sitting in a proper restaurant and still getting the "natural" aromas and authentic smoke signals, huh?

I love the satay here btw... used to go there often when I was working in Uptown. Perhaps it's time for a revisit? ;)
Michelle said…
i was so just craving for satay lately but din get to makan it... these pics... makes me drool uncontrollablyyyy... ARGHH..
lucia said…
mental jog

ah! da femmes kajang sate.
(gee, i'm beginning to talk like team bsg)

heard so much of kajang satay but haven't try it before. well... how to when i have not ever been to kajang?
Yinsi Yat said…
Izzit equally good as Kajang sate? I prefer the Kajang one.
Unknown said…
eh we frequented this place for takeaways; for potluck, bbq, gatherings, bday parties etc
this place was superhot ( as in warm) when we were there , no wind no fumes ! we saw no waving fans either hahaha !( of course also cannot see kajang girls

hahaha ! plse forgive us...

worry not , Pg version cannot lose one

of course lah kajang more asli mah !

suppose shud be great for convenience ! since you are nearby
then with wine/beer also become highly same oredi !