go mad on a leaf.without the headaches

In Southern India long ago , rice was served on a banana leaf laid out on the ground and eaten by ordinary folks with the bare hands , for practical reasons as utensils were hard to come by and the big flat waterproof tropical leaf perfect as a plate.

The banana leaf is today passionately associated with South Indian cuisine , and this olden style of eating together with the famed curries becoming popular in Kuala Lumpur/PJ as a haute cuisine , & complete with some ancient rituals too.

A few restaurants have gained an obscene following ( e.g. in Jln Gasing and Section 17 PJ ) for various reasons and some are so madly packed ( as to make it impossible to park your brand new 2008 edition Camry except 1 km away ? ) during lunch time ( especially ) that it has become a real hassle ( on your heart and spine ) to eat BLR.

Eating good as they say comes with a terrible headache, before or after ! But no worries anymore ...for we present below 2 alternative pleasant & easy going choices , and as good as any !

No more terrible crowds , no more mis-smelling of burnt meats on your eyebrows &/or immaculate neck-ties !

!. Krishna Curry House , Jln 222 PJ ( near Petronas petrol station )

really easy going place with superbly fragrant curries. from RM5 up

2. Sri Devi , Section 5A ( Kelana Jaya ) PJ

Just beside the FAM football court. The usual everything-got spread, including authentic come-from-behind India workers . Do use sign language sometimes to get exactly what you want !

Xcellent fresh fruit juices next door.

Beautiful prices guaranteed , to put some smiles back on your overloaded face.


teckiee said…
Actually i have heard some not so nice stories about Krishna Curry House..
lucia said…
mental jog

banana leaf indian rice must be eaten with hands... only then got oomph!!

i know the famous rajoo (right?) in PJ (near the la salle school) serve good banana leaf rice too.
Unknown said…
thx for the tips on alternative places to go! yay more parking spaces and less crowds
BLR is always yummy. My favourite is still the vegetarian BLR in an apartment block in Brickfields.
UnkaLeong said…
Hahaha...i just had BLR at the Medan Selera in Old Town.

Take a drive down Gasing Hill. Plenty of choices there!
Precious Pea said…
Sad to say, i only tried BLR twice and both times ended up with cirit-birit (am super sensitive of coconut milk). But will try for the third time, your recommendation, if still ended up sick, am giving up! Hehehe!
HairyBerry said…
wow, new car? Haha! BLR is such a good alternative to those typical mixed rice...just had my fix at Sri Paandi at Brickfields last Saturday...hehe...
MeiyeN said…
will make my way there soon, thanks for da tips.. ;) wishing you and your team a happy and beerrrryyy christmas! :p
tigerfish said…
Eat with bare hands or bare body tops? :O
Sharon Y. said…
I love the savoury dilute yogurt sometimes they give with the BLR. My mom is cooking dhal curry at the moment for Christmas potluck. After reading this post I feel like stealing a sip!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to the BSG!
really ah ? omgosh

the raju fella is the madhouse where your skirt will later smell like a fish oven hahaha ! their fried meats and fish are top notched but their curries lacks something as far as we can tell ...

most of the other BLR shops in PJ have quite decent curries , we believe in getting your curries , frieds and rice steaming and friedly hot which is key to a great BLR so ensure that at all costs...

this one we shall be looking out for it for we have never tried vegetarian BLR ( what ? no fish no meats ?)

now that you have left Siam behind its time ! to reooup yr lost loves in The Valley

you will be 3rd time perfect so welcome to fried hot madhouse ( inclusive severe loss of body fluids in-situ )

Paandi we understand has the most branches so they shud be the Masters of the leaf.

dun forgit to try their lassi and rustam too

u mean u will ? by golly invite us it will be the ultimate heat !

what a nice curry xmas surprise , merry Xmas !
Tummythoz said…
Just had my fix too. Then nap. OooOooo bliss.
Jackson said…
wuuu,,,,i need some curry now!!
Yinsi Yat said…
When want to bring me there?
wmw said…
Happy Holidays!
Jason said…
Happy Holidays!
Kenny Mah said…
I just went to the obscenely packed one you mentioned in Section 17, PJ --- for the first time ever --- last Friday during lunch. My friend brought me there early before the crowds, and I must say they do their reputation good: simple vegetarian sides and really fresh fried tenggiri... Yummy BLR! :d

P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog... Have a Happy New Year too! :)
many ladies we notice lov this strong thing too !

you da curry man ?

same place with the ladies ok !

we shall come TQ

have fun and eats

cook more huh you !

this one is very efficient with the ready fried meats going round like the dim sum guys haha ! got 6 other outlets we think. yes ! we gotta have lots of fun talking food with you ! welcome !