Fish Head noodles , KL

so...the ultimate Plain Jane noodles ?

After parking illegally beside a jam-packed backlane within this commercial area of shoplots (previously a golf driving range) , our next arduous task was to compete for seats in this corner lot seemingly full of standing & starving patrons , with prancing hawk-eyes super trained to zoom-in & secure the next highly prized vacated & available table , before you have a chance to say 'where' ?!

while hovering around for seats we caught sight of de resident backStreet frying specialist , in trademark towel around his sweaty neck and single handedly whipping up the piecederesistence.

Wow...such impeccable finesse...

Here comes the boiling hot RM6.80 standard 3-piece fried fish head (red snapper ?) beehun in milky soup,with tomatoes , salted vegetables , ginger slices and traces of Chinese rice wine.
Excellent all rounder . Highly recommended . Seats are not guaranteed.
Add at least 2 rounds of hot pungent sambal ! each ( aka team bsg ) for the ultimate Malaysian Gluttons xperience.
Prawns , cuttlefish and other marine versions are available too.
Win Soon Cafe
46 , Jln Kuchai Maju 9
Off Jln Kuchai Lama
Kuala Lumpur
Tel 79819287


HairyBerry said…
could see no flaw with the dish except it's about 350 km from singapore...sad....this was featured in "ho chak" (8tv), if i'm not wrong... shiok..must be such a long wait until u had to go at the back to "ke poh"
tigerfish said…
I prefer non-fried fish slices in a milky fish broth. But still I love fish head or non-head noodles. Heee...
Ah Soon, eat already "Soon Soon" (hokkien)
Fish head noodles is definitely on my top 10 list. Am not terribly good with directions around Kuchai Lama though. *sigh...taking out roadmap again*
it is good alright and the crowd enormous, not sure if its the 6tv one tho !

so happen the boss was also having a shouting match backlane with his 2 workers here scaring some customers , talk about "slave workers" or issit work overload breaking point ?

...but we thoz every anything fishy is your toppest choice anyhow anytime anywhere ? LOL !

dun worri V shall be guiding you , in soul & in spirit ( all you have to do is think BSG with lots of lurve , & passion) and you will find your way ...