a firm drumstick

among gentle white noodles

One variety of noodles proudly Chinese not yet fused into Malay & Indian cuisine locally (we think ) are these white soft strands called "noodle strings" or mee sua . Interestingly they are handsomely matched to a few signature classics such as this one here.

We have not seen duck meat too in Malay & Indian cuisine . Must be a historical/geographical reason we guess .

herbal soup with duck drumstick ( popular in Penang )

nice clear taste and quite slurpyingly delicious. Distictively a Chinaman speciality. although some avoid it for being too "tok" ( toxic , but see below... ) .
But we think it tastes just great ( sommore with plenty of tonicky essence ) RM5.50
Chun Heong , Lorong Ara Kiri 2 , Lucky Garden , Bangsar


Unknown said…
i love mee suah. I think must be my granny who loves them, always cooking them, that made us love it so much!

i can now imagine the taste of the soup now!

actually, habit got from granny, she likes her a bit gluey and sticky, so for this dish, I will wait a while! haha.. until the mee suah soaks up the soup. ahhh.....
HairyBerry said…
such a hearty nice meal, whether it's toxic or not..haha...will taste even better with a touch of "fah tiao" wine...
I love mee suah. It's usually one of my first choices. I gotta try this place...somemore so near my office. :-)
Anonymous said…
mental jog

mee suah to me is ok. can't say i love it or hate it but i do eat it and find it nice.

nowadays we have fried mee suah too but i don't like the fried version. prefer the ori soup version of course. fried version i love is bee tai bak.

do you know that my mum once in a while cook mee suah soup as part of a dish (soup dish) for our dinner? yes we take the mee suah soup as part of dinner together with other dishes and rice. but of course it is just mee suah and egg.
tigerfish said…
Come to think of it, ya hor....no duck in malay and indian cuisine...puzzles me too.
mee suah is wonderfully soft , silky and melts in yr mouth but hard to find !

welcome to bsg ! oh u another rice wine man ? then you will like the pudu red rice wine mee suah

aiyo last time u said yr office near Petaling street ? haha we know what to tapau u next time oredi !

its true most traditionala folks love mee suah. In sitiawan they are found in many backyards and the rice wine mee suah is a classic speciality !

we will be happy for yr immaculate recipedia mind to find this abnomaly again TQ
Unknown said…
team bsg,

hard to find, as in the mee suah itself? or stalls selling mee suah soup.

my bro used to have friends who is from Sarawak, always bring back mee suah from there. One of the best mee suah around!