dawn raids

meat attacks back to back , Medan Imbi Kuala Lumpur

Years ago before the gung ho euphoria of the Booming 90s culmintaing in the birth of the MSC ( what ?) , Cyberjaya ( huh ?) , KLCC , Bk Jalil Stadium , KLIA , Mid valley Megamall , 1 Utama and the likes, Jln Imbi was a sort of cowboy jo ...with a-many chinkee kalaokes and massage joints with many many what nots. Of course iconic Sakura cafe and Overseas Restaurant were signature eateries here ( they still are ). Then there is the famouus Soo Kee beef noodles shop ....and bak kut teh , that Chinese medicinal perk-me-up uniquely found in many backStreets... before the break of dawn .

So one fine warm 6 am morning , here comes the present. The clear Chinese tea . Our favorite , the floating fairy brand ( because thats the only one of thousands we know ) .

In a longish & huge 5-shops lot fronting a playground in Medan Imbi , Kuala Lumpur. A mix of Hongky styled interior decor with runaway smattering of big Chinese characters , some funny looking computer ordering buttons and the usual unmistakeable Chinese sticks , big ( chopsticks ) and small (toothpicks ) and then Chinaman boosters , soya sauce , chopped raw garlics and chopped fresh green & red chillies .

The 2 of us settled for a small "mixed meats version " which came with lots of smooth tofu slices and some white leafy vegetables. Tasted quite like the milder Teow Chew BKT, but with exceptional crunchy soft innards.

the l o n g shop ( Sun Hong Mut Koot Tea , a fittingly l o n g name indeed )

Hopping next door to cornerlot Ah Hee we attacked the original darker and traditional version , which by 7 am was already shockingly quite filled up with many oldies clamoring for their morning libido enhancers.
You just can't believe how many of them expectant horny old folks are already up and about in da city when the rest of the virile young ones are still having dangerous sharp hangovers from last night .


MeiyeN said…
whoa... 6am?!!! that's early... what were you doing? why so early? :p da bakuteh looks yummy!
HairyBerry said…
yeah, this place gets filled up as early as 7 am...i remembered being dragged out of bed to eat here when i was a kid...
k.t.x said…
aiyoh, this shop's bkt nice meh?
all i know is that they r over commercialize, look at their bowl...lol!!

but for a true 'connousoir' (spelling check) like u, i trust that u would try the good and the ugly delights to give the people at large that certain benefit of info and knowledge. u r such a hero.

btw, the forth paragraph....who are 'the 2 of us'??? gawd, u make me imagine with so many heavenly joints around that area ...... gawdddddddd,lol.
we just crawled out from heaven ( oh my !).this BKT shop has full of other things in claypot like porrige etc etc

u must be a real & original food connoisseur , with this kind of early training...

haha u r still bright & shining !
true they are hopelessly over comercialise what with 5 shops in a row ! the conosaurs in us will cuntinue to eat where fair ladies fear to tread 2 bring u on da spot thrills ! the other lady u mean ? haha
Unknown said…
eh eh!

it was khinzir day izit? one shop after another.

its been a long time since i went to Klang, PJ, KL for the diff versions of BKT. ah....